On the topic of hoarding (Feb. 15 issue), I feel we are asked to accept more psycho babble & making excuses for people behaving badly. I do believe there are some people that have this as a mental problem, but I think there are many more that are just nasty, lazy people. If they have a problem throwing things away because they feel it's "special," then do they feel their pets' feces and urine is just to "special" to toss?

Do they feel their garbage with maggots crawling from it is "special?" I feel we need to report these people and if they are ill they need to be required to get help and cleaning this hazard up must be done or face fines and foreclosure. This is a public safety hazard that can make people living around the hazard ill and could cause diseases. Rodent infestation in the neighborhood is also a problem along with fire hazards and danger to all who come in contact with the infested house. If these people can't live in society without bringing danger to others and themselves, then they need to be taken care of.

We need to stop making excuses for everyone. You can see these people on TV eating and tossing the trash on the floor. They are not sick; they are just slobs that need to go live away from others so they don't make other people sick because of their filth. Let a judge decide who is who.

Venice Newling


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