Kory Davidson and Jason Podany didn’t believe it when they received a phone call from the producers of “Cupcake Wars,” a cable television show on the Food Network.

“Originally, we thought it was a crank call, so we hung up,” Davidson said with a laugh. “But they called us back and reassured us of who they were.”

Davidson and Podany own Sweet Daddy Cupcakes in Arrowhead Towne Center in Glendale. Several months ago, they went to Los Angeles to film an episode of the series, which will debut on Tuesday (10 p.m., Cox Ch. 46).

“When we first opened our store, many of our customers told us that we should be on ‘Cupcake Wars,’ but we were like, whatever,” Podany said.

The Food Network series pits four teams of bakers against each other in a three-round competition. The winning team receives $10,000.

Even though they’re sworn to secrecy about the final outcome, the Glendale bakery owners have already decided what they’ll do with the money if they win.

They plan to donate the $10,000 to Yum-O, a non-profit organization created by Rachael Ray that helps children and families develop a healthy relationship with food.

During one of the rounds, contestants are asked to create a cupcake out of unusual ingredients such as parsley, wheat germ and avocado.

Podany and Davidson couldn’t reveal their mystery ingredients.

“We’re risk takers, so don’t expect us to go with the obvious,” Davidson said.

Filming the episode of “Cupcake Wars” was an adventure for the owners.

Davidson had watched several clips of the show while Podany had never seen the series before the contest.

At times during the taping, things felt frantic “but that comes with being on reality television,” Davidson said.

Davidson said the first round proved to be difficult because they only had to bake a dozen cupcakes.

“We’re used to baking in high volumes, so to go to that small of a number was interesting,” Podany said.

Sweet Daddy Cupcakes opened in October 2009. The bakers’ all-natural cupcakes are almost double the size of a regular cupcake, and they bake more than 1,000 cupcakes a day.

The duo said they were happy with their experience on the show and think it would be fun to have their own reality series.

“There are a lot of things here that people don’t know that go on behind the scenes that would be interesting and very comical,” Davidson said.

Mitchell Vantrease can be reached at 623-876-2526 or mvantrease@yourwestvalley.com.

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