The way Jan Brewer figures it, men have it easy -- at least when it comes to clothing.

After all, she said, a man standing up to make a State of the State speech in essence doesn't have to worry about a lot of choices. Maybe the color of the tie.

And, more to the point, Brewer said, no one is going to make comments afterwards about that choice.

"But we know that women are judged more than men are in their appearances,'' Brewer said.

"It's just a fact of life I guess,'' she said. "I mean, we don't hear about men's white shirts or blue shirts or their green ties or their hair gone awry or it's been a bad hair day, or their shoes. It's just kind of crazy.''

The governor, however, said that, as a women, she has to take all that into account in deciding what to wear when she goes to the podium Monday for her annual speech to the Legislature.

That decision, said the governor, is not based on any color scheme or palette that conveys power or anything. It's simply something she hopes will make her look good.

Brewer said that goal is something which was taught to her from the first days she could pay attention to her appearance.

"As my mother used to say, you never look too good, even at your best,'' the governor recalled.

"I was raised with that sense of trying t be neat and tidy and do your best,'' she continued. "But you never look too good.''

And it can vary.

"Under the circumstances, some days are better than other days,'' she mused. "You've got a lot to take into consideration.''

The governor said she wasn't going to provide any hint of her sartorial selection ahead of walking into the House chamber on Monday. But she said Thursday the choice was already made.

"And it was a good decision, I believe,'' she said.

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