Today, Sen. John McCain announced his endorsement of Martin Sepulveda for Congress, representing District 9, citing Sepulveda’s military experience and his experience on the Chandler City Council.

“His service on the City Council in Chandler on two separate occasions I think is an important asset to his resume, which makes him qualified in many respects in my view to hit the ground running next January as a member of the Congress representing the state of Arizona’s 9th District,” McCain said. “I also feel that Martin’s experience in the military is something especially needed right now. We are facing enormous challenges around the world… Martin Sepulveda knows what it’s like for the men and women who are serving.”

McCain said he has known Sepulveda for more than 20 years and worked with him on many occasions, especially dealing with veterans issues.

“We need more members of Congress who understand not only our national security issues, but how important that support is and how difficult the lives are of the men and women who are serving overseas,” he said. “Many of our veterans are having difficulties when they come back from serving. As we all know the unemployment rate is 8.3 percent. The unemployment rate among veterans, incredibly, is as much as 14 percent. Martin Sepulveda understands how we can get our veterans an opportunity to work and to continue to serve this country.”

Sepulveda is an Arizona native who has lived in Chandler for the past 24 years. He is a combat veteran of Iraq and Afghanistan and a small business owner. McCain said he only waited so long to endorse Sepulveda so that his endorsement might have the most impact.

“This is when the citizens and voters are really beginning to focus on the candidates,” he said. “Contrary to popular belief in politics the majority of voters don’t focus on politics until election time… I think the opportune time to do this with the most impact is a very short period of time before the election... I’m proud to endorse Martin’s candidacy but the majority of voters make up their minds not on endorsements. They make it up on service, background and resume. I would argue that Martin Sepulveda’s background and service are a strong argument for supporting him.”

Sepulveda is one of seven Republican candidates vying for the District 9 seat. Other candidates include Lisa Borowski, Travis Grantham, Vernon Parker, Wendy Rogers, Leah Campos Schandlbauer and Jeff Thompson. Democratic candidates include Andrei Cherny, David Schapira and Kyrsten Sinema.

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