Lawmakers, health and school officials, and law enforcement officers hope to have a bill ready next week for the state Legislature to ban the drug Spice in Arizona.

Joranda Montano, director of prevention with Community Bridges, a Mesa-based substance abuse treatment and prevention agency, is on the East Valley Spice Task Force. The task force and other groups are working together to prepare a bill, she told the Tribune.

"Our goal is to have it on the floor on the first day and do an emergency ban so it doesn't have to go though the 90-day waiting period," she said. The Legislature opens on Monday.

Spice is synthetic marijuana also known as "k2." The federal government put out a temporary, emergency ban on the five substances that make up Spice late last month, but Montano said a state ban would allow state law enforcement to help in getting rid of Spice.

She also said Spice makers have created a new blend of chemicals and marked it as Spice. Lawmakers hope to craft a separate bill that would outlaw synthetic drugs like Spice without the ban being tied to specific chemicals.

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It is the prohibition of marijuana which has made this niche for legal weed alternatives. A niche which herbal incense products are filling rather successfully. The bans against k2 smoke products are not solving anything. Many places exist where one may still buy k2 incense and seemingly vendors like, claim that the k2 herb products they sell are legal everywhere.

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