Janice Lombardos, Bob Mummey, David Gasber and Christa Houck, left to right, star in “Moving Mountains,” a Theatre West production about a widower turned romantic. The comedy will be performed at Stardust Theatre.

Dave Martinez/Today staff

Theatre West’s production, “Moving Mountains,” hits close to home for many of the cast members and the director.

The play centers on the residents of a retirement community and their social lives, from staying active to having love lives.

Betty Polaskey, director of “Moving Mountains,” said it’s the perfect comedy that portrays seniors and their daily activities.

“It’s a hysterically funny look at life at our age,” Polaskey said. “People think when you reach a certain age life stops, but it does not.”

“Moving Mountains” follows a 65-year-old man, Charlie, who spends his days pursuing ladies on a beach in southern California. But he’s not interested in younger ladies, but “mature women” who’ve built up history, loss and depth.

Two women are receptive to his advances, but he meets his match when he discovers Polly, a widow who doesn’t make things any easier for him.

Polaskey said there aren’t a lot of plays for retiree theater companies, so she found this comedy to be the right fit for Theatre West.

“It’s a darling little play that I think everyone will enjoy,” she said.

Janice Lombardos, president of Theatre West and a cast member of “Moving Mountains,” said audiences will love the story.

“Even though you age, you still have love and desires for life,” Lombardos said. “And this is a nice comedy that shows retiree communities keep active lifestyles.”

In addition, Polaskey said she had a great time directing the comedy, which includes seasoned actors and actresses in the troupe.

“This is a relevant piece that everyone our age could relate to,” she said. “We hope that they laugh and have a great time.”

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