Warwick Davies

British actor Warwick Davies arrives for the UK Premiere of Johnny English: Reborn, at a central London cinema, Sunday, Oct. 2, 2011.

While working together on the comedy series "Extras," Warwick Davis shared with Ricky Gervais the trials of life when you're only 3-foot-6.

Davis uses a mop handle to reach high shelves at the grocery store. Strangers will touch him for luck as if he were a leprechaun. When he opens the door to his vehicle, he tends to fall out.

Gervais was amused by such odd tales. "They're comedy gold," Gervais told reporters once.

And those stories are now being used for the half-hour comedy "Life's Too Short" (10:30 p.m. EST Sunday, HBO), a faux reality show that follows Davis through daily life -- an out-of-work actor, a man in the middle of a divorce and a little person trapped in awkward social situations.

"Short" is the brainchild of Gervais and writing partner Stephen Merchant, who were behind the British version of "The Office" and "Extras." Gervais and Merchant also appear as versions of themselves.

"They've managed to kind of get inside of the head of a little person so well and so believably that I was thinking that's a scenario that should have happened by now, and I'm sure some of them will come back to haunt me," Davis says.

"It was always fun to sort of play out those scenarios, again, that had happened to me in reality and with Ricky and Stephen's added spin on those, which was so fantastic.

"And it's what made them so funny. You know, what starts as an amusing anecdote becomes hilarious once they get their hands on it and put it in the series."

"Short" also has its share of big guest stars, playing variations of themselves. Liam Neeson is showcased in an episode in which he needs Davis, Gervais and Merchant to help him break into comedy roles.

Johnny Depp uses Davis as a case study when doing research for a new movie role. He studies Davis' every move and humiliates him.

"I love the slapstick element to it," Davis says of the series. "I don't think we always see enough of that in comedy, so it was really fun to have that opportunity. And my life is quite physical anyway.

"When you are 3-foot-6, you kind of have to climb stuff now and again and find yourself in quite precarious positions just to manage in what is quite a big world.

"And so it's something to play all of that out as well."

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