Dave Hunter

Dave Hunter of Pride Detail in Sun City West was chosen as part of a team that will restore historic presidential aircraft for Seattle's Museum of Flight.

Dave Hunter of Pride Detail in Sun City West joins a handpicked team of 30 detailers who will travel to Seattle the week of July 25-Aug. 1 to restore two historic paragons in U.S. aviation history.

The first presidential jet plane (Air Force One) known as SAM (Special Air Missions) 970 was a flying Oval Office for four U.S. presidents including Eisenhower, Kennedy, Johnson and Nixon. The Boeing 707-120 also entertained many international VIPs such as Nikita Khrushchev and Henry Kissinger. The team will also refurbish a rare WWII B29 Bomber known as T-Square 54, both of which are on exhibit in Seattle's Museum of Flight.

Renny Doyle, owner of Attention to Details, a master-level detailing training facility in Big Bear Lake, Calif., organized the pro bono event, selecting the best 30 detailers out of more than 250 of his graduates worldwide. Doyle, who specializes in detailing high-end automobiles and private/corporate jets, restored the deteriorating exterior of Air Force One in 2003.

"It made my career due to the level of workmanship I delivered," Doyle says. "I wanted to offer that opportunity to the many small business owners we train, with hopes they receive the same level of success and recognition for excellence I did. The detailing industry is often thought of as very blue collar, but those chosen for this project are the best of the best in terms of workmanship and professionalism."

Born out of Hunter's pride and appreciation for the clean lines, curvy bodies and mirror-smooth finish of a finely detailed machine, Pride Detail evolved from a hobby into a fledgling business in Sun City West, servicing the West Valley and Corte Bella.

"This opportunity is a great honor. Donating time and skill to a project as important as Air Force One, I get to do what I love in order to preserve a major piece of American aviation history," Hunter said. "I look forward to the hard but enjoyable task ahead. The experience from this project and meeting and working with new friends in the detailing business, will be a priceless opportunity."

Mentored under Doyle, Hunter says the knowledge and techniques he has learned helped him reach a higher level of perfection in his work.

"When you work under one of the best in the business, you learn to be one of the best," Hunter said. "I am excited about being a part of an elite detailing team who will, literally, polish history!"

For information about Pride Detail and his participation in the Air Force One restoration project, contact Dave Hunter at 623-826-7733.


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