When kids know that we sincerely not only care for them but we sincerely care about things that are important to them motivation skyrockets! How can we show our sincere care about the things kids care about if we do not sincerely care about those things such as Dora the Explorer, Princesses, Spiderman, or fossils? Beginning with the end in mind just may be the key we need to unlock the door to this sincerity because our kids somehow know if and when we are sincere or not and insincerity does not motivate anyone. For example if we want our children to be motivated to behave well at a restaurant we may need to have a tea party with all their favorite characters the week before and model the desired behavior we want at the restaurant making the connection to how the characters behaved and how pleased we were with them. This seemingly silly or senseless time spend with our kids gives us a greater glimpse into their world and how they see the greater world we live in. This understanding and relationship building builds invites us into their world and gets us out of our world. When these two worlds unite the partnership is magical and children will be motivated to do many things that we may have thought were impossible for them. With this in mind if you have not done so already please take the time to Read the Five Love Languages by Gary Chapman . It is a life changing read that will help you keep your kids motivated. If you cannot commit to another book to read consider incorporating these five challenges into your kids life and get ready for greater parenting joy with a motivated child in tow…

1. Encourage your child, whether in the big or small things

2. Celebrate accomplishments

3. Ask how their day was not just about their grades

4. Make connections between their school work and their interests, talents, and goals

5. Plan for down time to just be with no expectations and fun time together like playing board games

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