Well, so much for all those jobs that were supposed to be created by the new First Solar plant in my neighborhood.

Despite the protests of the homeowners who would have to look at and put up with the traffic created by the new First Solar plant at Signal Butte and Elliot, the City of Mesa touted all the jobs that would be created by First Solar. Now we learn that First Solar will “delay” the opening of the plant until at least 2013 (probably a lot longer) or until the economy for solar panels improves (probably never). Until then, the neighbors are stuck with this eyesore which will most likely never produce any jobs!

Bob Burger


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Only a liberal would ever think that First Solar was a viable project. How are we going to put a stop to this leftist business of running their mouths without being able to run the math? I guess they think their BA (Baloney Arts) degrees make them expert in matters scientific?

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