Lori Klein and her aides write some of the goofiest bills found in a reliably goofy legislature, her latest being SB 1202, the one that would fire teachers for using "partisan" materials or teaching in a "partisan" manner.

If the Trib article accurately portrays the bill - and it does - then when I taught literature, I would've repeatedly violated this law:

• Heart of Darkness - a "partisan" picture of the European rape of Africa.

• The Great Gatsby - a "partisan" picture of the wealthy's immorality.

• Invisible Man - a "partisan" view of race.

• To Kill a Mockingbird - a "partisan" view of race relations.

• Death of a Salesman - a "partisan" view of capitalism.

All great literature, in fact, provides what Klein's legislation calls a "partisan" view. Her bill, then, would have a chilling effect on what is taught in schools, potentially cleansing curriculums with the great literature kids should have a chance to read.

Beyond that, we have some charter schools in the East Valley that advertise their schools emphasize patriotism and American exceptionalism. Sounds partisan to me. Should their teachers be fired, too?

A ridiculous piece of legislation. I'd like to know how much just introducing a bill costs taxpayers, because stuff like Klein's legislation is a complete waste of our money. The Trib would do a great public service by reporting to us just what garbage like Klein's bill costs us.

Mike McClellan


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Lori Klein is just trying to protect us. Thinking makes her brain hurt, and she wants to spare the rest of us the pain.

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