Shelby Robertson's '94

Shelby Robertson’s ’94

At last January’s Amazing Arizona Comic Con we got a first glimpse of artist/writer Shelby Robertson’s cool new comic book series, titled simply, ’94, which, not coincidentally, is the same year that the local hero began working professionally in the comics industry.

Robertson’s new story has a team of time-traveling assassins transporting back to 1994 to kill the person responsible for destroying the economy of the future. How did said economy crash? Well, in Shelby’s wildly demented vision, it has something to do with the healthcare initiative, baby dentures and nipple replacements.

Shelby Robertson's '94The time-traveling trio of Ragetality, Slamm and Clinton (a micro-managing head in a can) have little regard for the space-time continuum and before their mission is over they might possibly make the future worse than it was already. The first issue is an original and entertainingly deranged romp with, of course, Robertson’s insanely incredible artwork.

Shelby describes his new series as a throwback to the independent creator-owned works of the nineties, when he began his career; and ’94 is a 20th anniversary celebration of sorts that revisits the imaginative freedom and fantasies of that era in comics’ history.

Robertson recently started a Kickstarter campaign to help cover the publishing costs of his new series, so he can get it into comic shops and conventions across the country. His initial goal was met almost immediately, a testament to this local artists’ wide-ranging popularity, but the project still has stretch goals, with the extra funding going towards the publishing of additional issues in the ’94 series.

The campaign runs through April 7, and if you’d like to help out there are some very cool incentives still being offered; from having your name published in the back of ’94 issue #1 as a “Co-Conspirator”, to having your likeness drawn as a theme park employee to be featured in issue #4 of ’94. There are also levels that include metal trading cards and original art from the series.

Amazing Arizona Comic Con

Shelby Robertson with Elizabeth Wheeler at Amazing Arizona Comic Con – 2014

Get details about the ’94 project and its fun rewards at the official Kickstarter page. Shelby’s official website is and you can also follow him on Facebook. Mr. Robertson is also touring the convention circuit right now with upcoming appearances at Wizard World Sacramento, Planet Comicon in Kansas City, Wizard World Louisville and Wizard World St. Louis – be sure to look him up and tell him NERDVANA sent you.

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