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This dining set is a great example mixing a more modern dining room table with traditional dining room chairs and a vintage, old-world looking buffet.

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Dear Nyla:

I keep hearing about the Las Vegas furniture market. What is it? Is it open to the public?

Answer: The Las Vegas Furniture Market is somewhat similar to the Highpoint, N.C., Furniture Market. It's an international trade show that is twice a year - January and August. This is where home furnishings manufacturers introduce new products and the latest and greatest in home everything is revealed - from sofas and tables to accessories and rugs. Furniture buyers and interior designers from around the world attend the event. The Las Vegas Market has about 3 million square feet of showroom space. Nyla Simone Home features highlights from our trips to market in Las Vegas, Atlanta and Highpoint on our blog - www.nylasimone.com.

Dear Nyla:

Furniture seems to be trending towards a contemporary look with straight lines. I want to do some more modern things, but I don't know how to make it work in my home. Any suggestions?

Answer: You are correct, modern design is coming and it is coming in a big way. The architecture and design of homes here in Phoenix tend to be a little "heavy" for some of the more contemporary design trends. Most people tend to like elements from a variety of styles. We believe that you should surround yourself with things that you love and enjoy - adhering to a particular style is secondary. The design aesthetic in our showroom is an eclectic mix of traditional and modern pieces. It is a practical look that works. The picture shown was taken at the most recent furniture market. It is a great example mixing a more modern dining room table with traditional dining room chairs and a vintage, Old-World-looking buffet.

In short, keep the things you love and work in pieces that compliment your existing investment and that bring you joy. I hope this helps.

Maria Bailey Benson is owner of Nyla Simone Home, a full-service showroom offering a wide range of design services, furniture, artwork and accessories. Reach her at (480) 422-6178 or www.nylasimonehome.com.


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