No conviction yet? No need to drag this out

Why is the court dragging along, listening to arguments about whether a man ought to have forced medication while he awaits trial?

Why hasn’t that man been convicted already? Witnesses saw him shoot those people in Tucson. He was caught “red-handed” and is guilty of the crimes; this case is closed!

The defendant is not the only citizen with the right to a speedy trial. Give the victims closure.

The justice department doesn’t need to waste time and money on learning why he did it, or what happened in his life. If he, or his attorney, want to prolong anything, let it be the hearings for sentencing. Let them hash it out with the judge alone.

There is no justification for wasting the taxpayers’ resources and the jurors’ time over what is already evident. But there are mucho plenty fees for the lawyers!

Patrick Shepherd


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