Steampunk Street in downtown Mesa

The Brose Brothers show off their steampunk regalia.

Fog and wipe your monocle, and put on your best corset or top hat. Steampunk Street III is coming to Mesa.

The event brings together artists, performers and enthusiasts in the Steampunk genre - a blend of art, fashion and technology that envisions, from the perspective of a person living in Victorian times, a future that never quite happened. Think H.G. Wells, zeppelins (a.k.a. Utopian flying machines), the 1999 movie "Wild, Wild West," and coal- or steam-powered gizmos of polished brass, and you'll begin to grasp the feel.

Steampunk Street will give you a deeper appreciation of the genre. Enthusiasts are expected to turn out in old-timey but technologically modified regalia and show off gadgets, weapons and other devices that never existed.

Steampunk Band Jellied Brainz will perform, and a Victorian "fantasy" fashion show kicks off just after 8 p.m. at OneOhOne Gallery. Word has it a man with mechanical parts, girls with gears, and ray guns will make an appearance on the runway.

The event takes place in conjunction with Mesa's monthly Second Friday Night Out block party and Mesa Old West Days, a free Western heritage festival going on until 9 p.m. Friday in downtown Mesa.

DETAILS >> 6 p.m. to 10 p.m. Friday. On Main Street, between Robson Street and Macdonald, in downtown Mesa. Free admission and parking. (480) 964-4624 or

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