Eric McCormack likes the duality of the character he plays in his latest series, “Perception” (10 p.m. EDT Monday, TNT).

As Dr. Daniel Pierce, a schizophrenic neuroscientist who solves crimes, “his brain is like his best friend and his worst enemy,” the actor says.

His skills also make him a masterful detective with a knowledge of human behavior and understanding of the mind, granting him an extraordinary ability to read people. But his eccentricities and poor social skills can hamper his work.

“He has the intellectual hubris of a scientist, but he has the passion and the empathy of a teacher,” McCormack says.

But for Pierce “to mix that with the symptoms of his condition, to go from being a very funny, flirty lecturer one minute to absolutely crippled socially the next or inappropriate, because something comes out, is something we have to be careful with, but it’s also the secret to making him an interesting and complex character.”

Rachael Leigh Cook co-stars as FBI Agent Kate Moretti, a former student of Pierce’s and the person who recruits him to work with the FBI.

Pierce is a risk-taker, rejecting his medication to think clearer on his cases. Such a daring act is a complete turnaround from the insecure and passive Will Truman, McCormack’s beloved character on “Will & Grace.”

McCormack realizes that not everyone will be charmed by Pierce because of how he approaches taking medication.

“That’s a controversial thing for someone to do,” McCormack says. “In his case, it’s kind of like almost an intellectual hubris.

“He certainly wouldn’t recommend that to anybody else suffering with a condition, but for him it’s like ‘physician heal thyself.’ He figures that with the meds he loses a chunk of who he is and the way his magnificent brain works. He doesn’t want to dull that.”

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