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It's that time of year again -- time for the annual gridiron spectacle.

No, not the Super Bowl, but the Scripps Howard Celebrity Super Bowl Poll. Starting in 1986, the rich and famous from entertainment, news, sports and pop culture have told Scripps Howard who they think will win the Super Bowl.

Sunday's Super Bowl matches the New England Patriots, led by superstar quarterback Tom Brady, and the New York Giants, whose quarterback Eli Manning engineered the Giants' upset victory over the Patriots in the 2008 Super Bowl.

Keep an eye on the final score. Beginning in 2003, Scripps Howard has presented the Super Sage Award trophy to the celebrity who picks the winning team and comes closest to predicting the actual final score.

ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER, actor/former California governor: New England, 31-24. I can't pick against my neighbor, especially when he is playing at such a high level. Tom Brady will be the Super Bowl MVP.

MAYA ANGELOU, poet: New York, 20-7. The Patriots are terrible losers, which mean the Giants, who are great winners, have to work harder than usual -- and they will.

BRAD PITT, actor: "Oooh, that's a tough one."

SERENA WILLIAMS, tennis star: I was rooting for the Dolphins. So, (they) didn't do so well. I always root for the younger brother.

PLACIDO DOMINGO, opera star: New York.

OCTAVIA SPENCER, actress, Oscar nominee for "The Help": New York, 27-24. It's a rematch that's sure to have a different outcome.

PENN and TELLER, magicians, 2007 Super Sage Award winners: New England, 31-27. But, five minutes before kickoff, Rob Lowe announces Eli Manning's retirement.

JACK NICKLAUS, Hall of Fame golfer: New England, 31-28. How many games have the Patriots lost? Three. How many games have the Giants lost? Seven. I realize the Giants are hot right now, but over the course of a season I think the Patriots have performed better and I like their body of work. Eli is a great quarterback and I am a big fan. It just so happens I root for the AFC, because I am a long-time Dolphins' fan.

ARNOLD PALMER, Hall of Famer golfer, 2003 Super Sage Award winner: New York, 28-17. Eli Manning is feeling his oats. I think he will have a good game in the Super Bowl.

JENNA FISCHER, actress, "The Office": New England, 31-28. This pick is based mainly on the fact that my husband is from Dallas. We are Cowboys fans and we don't root for the Giants. Unless we are rooting for them to lose! Go Patriots!

JOHN MCENROE, tennis Hall of Famer: New York, 24-21.

JUSTIN VERLANDER, AL MVP, Cy Young Award winner, Detroit Tigers: New York, 21-17.

ED BURNS, actor/director: New York, 31-24. Eli lights it up for four TD passes.

JOAN JETT, rock star, has picked the last six Super Bowl winners: New York, 38-35.

HALEY JOEL OSMENT, actor, has picked 11 of the last 12 Super Bowl winners, missing only in 2008 when the Giants beat the Patriots: New York Football Giants, 34-31. It's just destined to be won at the last second by a field goal. I still beat myself up over my 2008 pick; I should have never doubted my team! This time, they're an even better squad and, in particular, the Patriots defense has no chance against our receivers. Go G-Men!

PAT ROBERTSON, reverend, 2008 Super Sage Award winner: New York, 27-23. I just think Eli Manning will be more comfortable in Indianapolis.

CHUCK YEAGER, first pilot to break the sound barrier: New England, 31-27.

DALE EARNHARDT JR., NASCAR driver: New England. The Redskins whooped the Giants twice so if they won it would make me feel good as a Redskins fan, but I think the Patriots will win, barely, by 3 or 4 points.

STACY KEIBLER, actress/George Clooney's girlfriend: New England, 34-28. I think this will be a higher-scoring game than four years ago and in a shootout, it's hard to go against Tom Brady.

DON RICKLES, comedian: New England, 28-14. I love Eli Manning, but under pressure, I have to go with Tom Brady.

SEN. JOHN KERRY, D-Mass.: New England, 31-24, on the strength of a Tom Brady performance. I'd say this even if I wasn't senator for Massachusetts: The Patriots will win. Karma is on our side. They'll win it for Myra (Kraft, the late wife of Patriots owner Robert Kraft).

RUDY GIULIANI, former New York City mayor: New York, 30-20. The Giants clearly have a superior defense and their offense is more multidimensional.

MARTIN SCHULZ, European Parliament president: New York, 27-14. We need Giants not only in sports, but also gigantic bravery in politics! After my recent election as president of the European Parliament, this is what I hope to demonstrate. But good luck to both teams!

MIKE HAYDEN, former CIA director: New York, 27-21. Pats defense can be had. New York has been toughened by having to be "road warriors" en route to Indianapolis. And Brady doesn't like pressure up the middle.

ANDY WILLIAMS, singer: New England, 13-10. I love Brady and (New England owner) Robert Kraft runs a great organization.

HOWIE MANDEL, TV host, "Mobbed": New York, 41-7. Giants will mob the Patriots. I was just looking for a way to mention my show, "Mobbed."

DARA TORRES, Olympic swimming star: New York, 28-24. Should be a great rematch. I can't wait to see teams so evenly matched. Defense will make the difference.

BILL O'REILLY, Fox News host: New York, 27-24. The Giants will be able to disrupt Tom Brady's passing. The Pats can't run the ball. Eli Manning will hit a few deep passes.

ERIN BURNETT, CNN TV host: New England, 20-14. I grew up in rural Maryland so I'm not a homegrown fan of either team. But I love watching football and hate when the season ends. I will be rooting for the Patriots because last time around they lost to the Giants. It's their turn!

RACHEL MADDOW, MSNBC TV host: New England, 31-27. Because the Lesser Manning is lesser. Adorable, and with such tiny hands! But lesser.

KEITH OLBERMANN, Current TV host: New York, 27-17. I was at (the Giants') last loss and saw two things: a) the Giant defense, especially the line, was humiliated by its own work versus Washington and vowed to never let it happen again. And b) Eli Manning can now pretty much put the ball to within a foot of where he wants it.

ROBIN MEADE, singer/HLN host: New England, because of probability and the fact that (Patriots wide receiver) Chad Ochocinco tweeted that he has made the locker room listen to my debut album in the recent past! Personally, I think that's why they are doing so well. Heee.

LOU DOBBS, Fox Business Network host: New York, 34-24. I think (Manning) and Brady are playing at about the same level, with an edge to Manning. Without (Patriots tight end Rob) Gronkowski, the Pats lose at least a touchdown of offense. Go Giants.

YOGI BERRA, New York Yankees Hall of Famer: New York, 23-20. Better defense should be the difference.

BOB COUSY, Boston Celtics Hall of Famer: New England, 21-13. Obviously, I've got to go with them.

PAUL PIERCE, Boston Celtics captain: New England, 35-17. It all starts and ends with Tom Brady, but he will have support and contributions from many teammates. The defense will surprise a lot of people, too.

MARK CUBAN, owner, Dallas Mavericks: New York, 38-31.

DENNIS FARINA, actor, "Luck", 2005 Super Sage Award winner: New York, 33-29. The Giants are on a roll and Brady is a little hurt.

JOE MANTEGNA, actor, "Criminal Minds," 2010 Super Sage Award winner: New England, 27-24. Would have loved to have seen the Harbaugh brothers go at it with the Ravens and 49ers, but these are two tough teams with world-class quarterbacks.

JACLYN SMITH, actress, "Charlie's Angels": New York, 27-24. If I didn't pick the Giants, my husband would be filing for divorce!

ED ASNER, actor: New England, 13-10. I think Brady is stupendous.

MARTY ALLEN, comedian: New York, 24-21. The Giants will win because they have nicer uniforms.

PHYLLIS DILLER, comedian: New England, 31-27. The difference is because of that quarterback, Tom Brady. He's hot stuff. The whole season I've liked the Patriots' linebackers. They really danced.

MAMIE VAN DOREN, legendary sex symbol: New York, 21-7, because I love New York! Even though Brady is so cute.

ROSEANNE BARR, comedian/actor: New York, 24-21.

TOM ARNOLD, comedian/actor: New York, 31-28. I am a Giants fan since childhood and my godson Zachery Tisch's family co-owns the team. This season reminded me of '07, which led to the '08 Super Bowl: the greatest sporting moment of my life.

MICHELLE KWAN, Olympic skating star: New England, 31-24. Guaranteed. Tom Brady was not happy with his performance against the Ravens and is more than going to make up for it on Sunday.

JACKIE JOYNER-KERSEE, Olympic track star: New England, 20-17.

JENNIE FINCH, Olympic softball star: New York, 20-17. Going for the underdog. I'm hoping the Giants' defense stays on fire, putting pressure on Brady. I'm a Manning fan, so I would like to see Eli win it again! Plus, I had the honor of training with the Giants this fall. (Giants punter Steve) Weatherford taught me how to kick my first field goal. It was awesome!

ABBY WAMBACH, Olympic soccer star: New England, 27-17. I'm a Buffalo Bills fan. It's really hard to root for the Giants.

HEATHER MITTS, Olympic soccer star: New England, 27-17. I'm an Eagles fan. You just can't cheer for a team in your own division.

MICHELLE WIE, golfer: New York, 28-21.

LAURA KAEPPELER, Miss America: New England, 24-20. The Giants beat the Green Bay Packers, my hometown team, so I would love to see the Patriots be victorious!

DICK VITALE, college basketball announcer: New York, 27-21. Eli Manning is going to stand tall, and (the Giants') defense is going to contain Brady and control the offensive schemes of the Patriots.

RALPH BRANCA, three-time All-Star pitcher for Brooklyn Dodgers, who surrendered the "Shot heard 'Round the World" in 1951 NL playoff game: New England, 20-13.

MIKE ERUZIONE, Olympic hockey star: New England, 30-27. (Patriots kicker Stephen) Gostkowski at the end.

JEFF GORDON, NASCAR driver: New England, 24-17. The Giants will put up a good fight, but I don't believe they will be able to match Brady and that offense.

JIMMIE JOHNSON, NASCAR driver: New England, 21-17. This is a tough one. I'm thinking the Patriots, but if you watched the playoff games, it's a tough call. I definitely think it's going to be a great game based on the way both teams have been playing.

DANICA PATRICK, race car driver: New York, 34-31. The Giants have been on a roll; confidence and momentum are important in any sport.

ALLYSON FELIX, Olympic track star: New England, 31-21. I'm pulling for the Patriots. It's hard to root against a Tom Brady-led team.

KERRI WALSH, Olympic volleyball star: New England, 27-24, in overtime. Usually the Pats always come back with a vengeance to those teams that beat them previously! Love this re-match. I think Eli will play amazing.

LINDSEY VONN, Olympic skiing star: New England, 23-20. The Patriots beat my team, the Broncos, so I hope they win. That will make me feel better.

JULIA MANCUSO, Olympic skiing star: New England, 34-28. It's going to be offensive, and the Giants won't win because they beat the 49ers.

BOB BRYAN, half of world's No. 1 tennis doubles team: New England, 35-17. Brady will be determined to get revenge for 2008's fluke.

MIKE BRYAN, other half of world's No. 1 tennis doubles team: New York, 34-31. Eli is in Brady's head and the Giants will play with nothing to lose. There will be another crazy finish!

MARDY FISH, tennis star: New England, 30-21. Brady!

NEAL MCDONOUGH, actor: New England, 34-21. I think Tom Brady really wants so badly to win this game. Last week's game wasn't the greatest of efforts for him. He's going to come out just ready to rock and roll and (Patriots wide receiver Wes) Welker and all the boys are rumble. And our defense has come to life.

DYLAN WALSH, actor, "Unforgettable": New York, 20-17. The Giants' defense will be the difference.

DANN FLOREK, actor, "Law and Order": New York, 26-15. So with offenses equally capable of explosive play, I have to give the edge to the Giants defense. Finally healthy and peaking at the best possible time and playing as well as anybody the last five, six weeks, they will pressure Brady, get him out of the pocket and disrupt him just enough to throw him off his usual terrific play. And so ... Eli proves once and for all to be an "ELI"te quarterback, the "D" comes up big and the G-Men Cruz to a 26-15 victory!

STEVE HARVEY, actor/radio host: New York, 24-19. This score will ensure all of America of an exciting game. I firmly believe that the Giants are fully capable of scoring 24 points along with their defense holding New England to just 19 points.

SHEILA KELLEY, actress: New York, 28-16. Patriots or the Giants? Hmmm ... I like those who stand by their country an awful lot, but I also really like the idea of Giant handsome men running down a field in tight pants in a pack trying to get a tiny odd-shaped ball over a thin white line. The image is just so much sexier. I guess I'm going to have to go with the big men.

RICHARD SCHIFF, actor: New York, 34-28. Why not repeat 2008? Giants taking the exact same path and they are underdogs again. Defense is healthy and Eli has something more to prove. And Tom Brady is too good-looking to win another one.

ADAM WEST, actor, "Batman": New England, 21-17. It will be close and wrenching. Brady is on a record-breaking super roll. If his offensive line can keep up (its) great protection abilities, we know somebody's pattern and luck downfield could pile up points.

BARRY WILLIAMS, Greg Brady on "The Brady Bunch": New England, 31-17. As the seventh and youngest Brady, Tom is a classic and a winner.

FLORENCE HENDERSON, Carol Brady on "The Brady Bunch": New England, 24-14. They're a great team and I especially love Tom Brady.

TINA LOUISE, Ginger on "Gilligan's Island": New York, 28-27.

RUSSELL JOHNSON, the Professor on "Gilligan's Island": New York, 17-14. They seem to be so evenly matched. I'm going to go with Eli and the Giants.

DAWN WELLS, Mary Ann on "Gilligan's Island": New York, 24-17. There's nobody handsomer than Brady. But I kind of like Eli.

JERRY MATHERS, Beaver on "Leave it to Beaver": New England, 38-31. Tom Brady is looking to avenge that last loss. I think it will be high scoring, because defensively both (teams) are weak (in the secondary).

SHIRLEY JONES, actress: New York, 28-21. The Giants are on a roll after their Green Bay massacre. Their recent player injuries are history, and their superior defense will keep the Patriots at bay and complete New York's dramatic comeback story.

TERI POLO, actress: New York, 30-27.

MELINDA MCGRAW, actress: New England, 27-24.

STEVE SCHIRRIPA, actor, "The Sopranos": New York, 31-27. Eli has too many weapons at his disposal, too many ways to beat you.

TONY SIRICO, actor, "The Sopranos": New York, 37-30.

JESSE L. MARTIN, actor: New York, 35-34.

TOBIN BELL, actor: New York, 24-21. Giants are peaking at the right time. Very determined. Great team spirit! Go G-men!

TITUS WELLIVER, actor: New England, 27-7. This is a hard Super Bowl for me. I am a New Yorker and Giants fan, but love the Patriots! Truth be known, I will be happy with either victor.

ANDREW DICE CLAY, comedian: New York, 31-21. This is just my Brooklyn premonition. I don't follow sports that much, but I do like to watch the cheerleaders and you never know when you will ever get another wardrobe malfunction.

LEROY NEIMAN, artist: New York, 20-17. Positively the Giants because they're on a winning streak. The score could duplicate the Giants' victory over the 49ers.

SCOTT TUROW, author: New England, 31-27. The Patriots defense has been playing well enough that it's likely their offense will overwhelm the Giants defense.

JODI PICOULT, author: New England, 28-23. Because the Pats have Tom Brady.

SUSAN ANTON, entertainer: New York, 30-27. I'm still in shock that my Green Bay Packers are not going for a back-to-back championship, but that said, these are obviously two great teams and it should be an exciting game. Lots of firepower in this one. I'm more of a Patriot fan than a Giant rooter, but I think Eli and Cruz and the rest of the New York Giants are on a mission.

JOBETH WILLIAMS, actress: New York, 21-10. It's (the score) a wild stab.

FRED WILLARD, actor: New England, 32-20. After what New England did to Denver, I don't think the Patriots and Tom Brady are stoppable.

WILLIAM SANDERSON, actor: New England, 27-24. I think it will be difficult for New York to beat New England twice in one season.

MICHAEL KENNETH WILLIAMS, actor, "Boardwalk Empire," New York. Oh, the Giants, because we're from New York; that's what we do -- we win. It's a New York thing.

B.J. NOVAK, actor, "The Office": New England, 100-0. No, I can't tell you the exact score, but I predict a blow-out for the Patriots, because they're the best team in football and because Tom Brady is not going to let the last Super Bowl matchup go. He's been thinking about it ever since, and he's going to prove himself. There's no question. ... I'm from Boston.

KATE FLANNERY, actress, "The Office": I hope it's the Giants, but I don't know. Because I'm from Philadelphia and I used to live in New York. I want the East Coast. I hope it's a great game; there's nothing worse than a really big point difference. That is such a bummer. I hope whoever wins, wins by three points.

EDWARD JAMES OLMOS, actor: I cannot pick. It's impossible. I just don't know. I can't. If I could, then I'd go bet.

NANCY O'DELL, TV host, "Entertainment Tonight": New England, 39-24.

SHERRI SHEPHERD, TV host, "The View": New England, 42-35. New England Baby! Both teams have great offenses but Tom Brady is better under pressure. Eli Manning only has one Super Bowl win while Tom Brady has three (soon to be four)!

J.K. SIMMONS, actor: New York, 31-20. I basically root for whatever NFL team has the most Buckeyes (from the Ohio State University) and the Giants have Jake Ballard at tight end and Jim Cordle on the O-line last time I checked. No Bucks in New England since (Mike) Vrabel retired. Reason enough. Well, that plus my 20 years in New York.

RODNEY ATKINS, country star: I'll go with the Giants. They've had the toughest post season. And it's Peyton's brother in Indy.

BOB WEIR, guitarist, Grateful Dead, 2004 Super Sage Award winner: New York, 35-31.

BRANFORD MARSALIS, musician: New York, 27-24. The Giants have the better defense, and the Patriots don't have a dominant receiver (ala Vernon Davis). It will be a little more difficult to exploit matchups, which is a Patriots specialty. While Brady is a better quarterback, Manning is a perfect fit for the Giants. I expect the Giants to have some difficulty running the ball early, but in the 2nd half, they will wear the Pats defense down. Should be a great game, but would be better if the Saints were there!

MOVER SCOTT, actor/singer, "Imagination Movers": New York, 28-27. I taught where Eli Manning attended school in New Orleans, so I've got to go Naturally N'Awlins and support Eli in particular and the Giants by proxy.

TOM SCHOLZ, rock star, Boston: New England, 27-24. In Brady we trust -- Patriots by 3.

HOLLY MADISON, entertainer: New York, 24-20. First, I love New York and the Giants are on such a good roll right now that I don't want to mess with that.

HULK HOGAN, wrestler: New York, 24-17.

ALISON SWEENEY, TV host, "The Biggest Loser": New York, 23-21. Since I was in New York when the Giants won on Sunday night in overtime, I'm going with the Giants. Hopefully, it'll be another close game since those are the most fun to watch.

DOLVETT QUINCE, fitness trainer, "The Biggest Loser": New York, 17-14. I was recently in New York and a game with Giants wide receiver (Victor) Cruz, so I'm going to support the Giants.

BOB HARPER, fitness trainer, "The Biggest Loser": New York, 27-24. I think it's going to be a really close game, but the Giants will take it at the very end.

VANILLA ICE, singer/TV host: New England, 31-21. I think the G-Men are playing great ball and could upset again, but I think the Pats are out for revenge from the last time they met and will do whatever it takes not to lose the Super Bowl a second time to the same team.

SAN DIEGO CHICKEN, 2011 Super Sage Award winner: New York, 34-26. Their offense has the best hands in football, Eli's come of age, their defense is hyper-agile fast, and Giants coach (Tom) Coughlin always seems to stymie (Patriots coach Bill) Belichick, who has only one victory against a winning team this year -- barely over Baltimore.

SCOTT ADAMS, cartoonist, "Dilbert": New England, 28-21. I predict winners based on a literal interpretation of team names. In a fair fight, you'd expect a giant to squash a normal-sized patriot. But patriots are usually well-armed, so I'll have to go with New England.

JOEL MCHALE, actor, "Community": Broncos by 7. Even though they're not in the game, Denver will show up unannounced and beat both teams at once. That's right, 11 versus 22. (Broncos quarterback Tim) Tebow will throw a last-second Hail Mary pass while saying a Hail Mary. Mary will then catch the pass for a touchdown.

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