Arizona and California sit on opposite sides of a great divide.

The liberal element in California – admittedly a very big element – believes the divide is about immigration. They feel they are winning the public relations side of the battle. They smirk in this direction. They swell up in their righteousness. The only problem is that it is very difficult to figure out what their position really is. One has to look under the covers and that is where you find the real divide between the two states. And it isn’t immigration.

Immigration is what is getting the focus. Illegal immigration is what most Americans label the issue. Mexico’s president simply calls it “migration.” In California they must call it the status quo – as in no steps are necessary to align law with reality or vice versa. The Democrats – which control that state to its very core – are frozen in place on the issue.

It is a very complicated issue with matters of law, economics, human dignity, civil rights and just plain civility all playing a part. It is pompous to believe the answers are simple and dangerous when a politician or organization wants to paint any group of people – by religion, race or otherwise – as villains.

On the other side of immigration is Arizona. The majority of its voters want something done on the flow of illegal immigrants coming across the state’s border. They worry about the strain on public resources. They worry about taxes and they worry about the long-term economic implications by continuing to allow the status quo.

So the game was officially on with the passage of SB1070. When Governor Jan Brewer signed the bill she said she hoped it would bring pressure to bear on the federal government to begin to enforce its own rule of law. She and the majority of the state’s legislature thought that looking the other way on illegal immigration was wrong. They felt the federal government had let them down by failing to effectively deal with the issue.

Instead of getting federal sympathy, the Obama Administration sought legal action against the state of Arizona. And then, oddly, liberal groups and politicians in California took SB1070 as an opportunity to make Arizona a whipping boy on the immigration issue. They called Arizonans racists. They demanded that California businesses – and Californians -- boycott Arizona. And they called for the rest of the country to join in.

Okay, fine. Those outraged folks in California were then and are now entitled to their opinion about what is obviously a divisive issue. After all, California is also a border state. What makes our country great is that people can differ in their views on laws – immigration laws and other laws.

But to label a state and its citizens as racists because they don’t share your view is extreme. One very liberal California congresswoman even claimed Arizona was the pawn of white supremacy groups and that such groups were really to blame for the passage of SB1070. To suggest that everyone in Arizona and its political leaders were being manipulated by extremists was irresponsible.

One could suppose that was the only answer the congresswoman could come up with after polls consistently showed most people in Arizona – and nationally – support doing something about the illegal immigration issue.

But maybe all that finger pointing and name calling helped some in California forget just for a short time their own state’s prodigious list of ills and issues. You know, like being broke. And businesses being so highly taxed that 1 in 5 say they do not plan to be doing business in the state within 3 years. Many of those businesses said in a poll they plan to relocate to Texas, Nevada and, yes, Arizona.

California’s legislature further painted that reality when Governor Jerry Brown signed this past week the next phase of the California Dream Act that provides state financial aid to illegal immigrants provided they graduate from a California high school.

There are many people that see that action as being the right thing to do for students who were brought here illegally by their parents and have grown up in this country. Their view is that those young people are guilty of nothing and should not be deprived of educational opportunity.

There are also some in California who think such a policy is irresponsible during an economic crisis that sees California on the brink of financial ruin. They are ignored.

It is estimated by the state’s department of finance that only about 2,500 students will qualify when the bill is effective in 2013. The estimated cost is $14.5 million. They point out that this dollar amount represents only 1 per cent of the total Cal Grant funding.

Of course, that means higher taxes in California or kids that are American citizens being excluded from receiving Cal Grants because the field was widened. In California, you can bet on more taxes. You’ve heard the military expression, “no man left behind.” The California Legislature must have the mantra that “there will be no entitlement that we won’t expand or introduce.”

California’s state revenue is now projected to be a half billion dollars or so under budget projections. The economy is still rocked by plummeting home values and an overtaxed population and a very nervous business community.

The California Dream Act is just the latest symptom of a state out of control regarding its finances. This is actually the more important divide between California and Arizona. Arizona taxpayers won’t tolerate being taxed to death due to the immigration issue or any other issue. Californians, on the other hand, are likely doomed to their state falling into financial ruin as their governor and legislature continue to entitle everyone and everything.

The smart money is on Arizona when it comes to how taxpayers in the two states fare in all of this. That is a pretty important divide between the two states.

And about that other issue, Arizonans are not racists but they are realists. That is why the state will continue to grapple with the illegal immigration issue and will likely lead the way to the eventual solutions adopted in other states and the federal government.

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Sanity Please

This piece is incoherent. How does Arizona's "solution" which is ineffective, divisive, and has largely been struck down by the courts, solve anything, much less "lead the way."

The lessen we have learned from making E-Verify mandatory and the other provisions that have gone into effect is that they hurt the state's economy. There was no mass exodus from the state. Instead, more unauthorized immigrants went into the underground economy, depriving the treasury of desperately needed tax revenue.

Arizona is looking backward at where its people came from, while California is looking forward, investing in education. College educated residents pay much more in taxes and require a lot less public spending, which re-pays the cost of their education within a few years and from then on continues to pay dividends to taxpayers for the rest of their lives.

The small number of stellar California-raised students who will be able to complete their education due to the California DREAM Act will eventually get legal status when Congress finally gets its act together. When that happens, the state will reap decades of tax and spending benefits from its small investment.


"Sanity Please"--REALLY you're gonna go w/that???--try "Crazy Now"--MUCH more fitting--let me clue u in: Calif. is BROKE!!--& getting broker ALL the time!!!--Az. on the other hand has started a HUGE ball much so that ALL of the other southern states, (border states) are quickly following their LEAD!!!---pull your head OUT of your LIBERAL rear END, cuz YOU are in the MINORITY, the rest of the fiscally RESPONSIBLE conservatives will NOT continue to support south america's poor & uneducated!!!--there's a new breeze blowing, a new day dawning & it's called COMMON SENSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AND/OR your voice be heard!


The cost is closer to $38Million when you add in fee (tuition) waivers, Institutional and Transfer Grants, and EOPS for the first year alone.



Whoever becomes the President of the United States needs to erect the real border fence. To facilitate the policy described in the 2006 Secure Fence Act, which is a double-layer fence for the two thousand miles, stretching through California, Arizona, New Mexico and Texas festooned with razor sharp concertina wire. As an major addition placing a permanent military force on the border, to bond with the U.S. Border Agents; a requirement to assist border sheriffs, who are fighting a never ending battle against drug smugglers and people traffickers. In furtherance, the police need tools for domestic enforcement, so they can be partnered with ICE. "Secure Communities" helps the local police to identify criminal illegal aliens through fingerprints, by forwarding this identification to ICE. The 287 G is another policing program, which offers federal training in apprehending illegal aliens on the highway, such as State Troopers or Highway Patrol, who have the authority to arrest a suspicious driver and hold him for ICE agents.

By far the greatest innovation is the "THE LEGAL WORKFORCE ACT” sponsored by Rep. Lamar Smith of Texas. Every working American should demand from their Senators and the House Representatives, to vote for this bill. Commonly known as E-Verify (H.R. 2885) it will reduce the chances of millions of illegal migrants or immigrants from being hired. Unless you have a upper management job, everybody is vulnerable from a job loss. If you are lucky to have a job, you can aid the 20 million workers who are seeking employment. Under E-Verify bill business owners are not excused from severe punishment by hiring people of unauthorized status.

Illegal immigration is no longer a minor occurrence, it’s everybody’s problem. This issue is a hundred billion dollar cost every year, extorted from your taxes annually to subsidize foreign nationals who have violated our laws. These are the pregnant women with unborn babies, who navigate past our border fence, or use the airways to enter illegally. While Americans are paying for other countries downtrodden, we cannot resuscitate our eroding infrastructure, our children’s crowded schools, underfunded hospitals and overpopulated prisons through the affliction of 20 million or more illegal aliens. The expenditure annually is an estimated $113 Billion dollars a year, as according to statistics from The hermitage Foundation.

E-Verify is a progressive computer program and is being continuously upgraded with more innovations to detect forged ID. In conjunction with form I-9 is progression will soon be a 100 percent successful in verifying who’s eligible for a job. One new piece of software soon to be fully organized is state access to Drivers License records. Mississippi was the first state to offer there Dept of Motor vehicle services.


NumbersUSA, the pro sovereignty, limited immigration group has aided a host of a dozen county sheriffs this week in Washington to make their pleas to Congress and ICE, in favor of all sheriffs to get more federal support in battling illegal immigration in their counties. Local and border Sheriffs are telling their stories of being over-run with trans-national drug trafficking, smuggling operations, Mexican cartels and other immigration-related crime were gripping -- and also enraging that our own federal government who are so concerned about helping illegal aliens, while displaying so little enthusiasm in helping the sheriffs. Pressure your U.S. Representative to act to get a committee and floor vote on the CLEAR Act (H.R. 100). This act provides a lot of assistance to local, county and state law enforcement when they want to drive the illegal alien population out of their jurisdictions. Go to your customized website where you will locate a free fax to send to your U.S. Representative. Most of you will find a free fax that urges co-sponsorship of the bill.

The beauty of the CLEAR Act is that it essentially requires the feds to cooperate whenever community law enforcement brings illegal aliens to their attention. While it wouldn't stop localities from being sanctuaries or offering other enticements for illegal aliens, it would stop the current Administration's practice of trying to stop localities from pushing illegal aliens out of their communities and would require the feds to give assistance. I cannot think of any single action that would be a more effective protest against the Obama Administration's anti-local-enforcement efforts or a more effective single action to help our nation's besieged sheriffs who have tended to be our best allies among the nation's law enforcement officials. If you want to fax, go to NumbersUSA or please call 202-224-3121 and ask for your U.S. Representative's office to urge action this fall on the CLEAR Act. This is the same Washington switchboard number to insist that your local or federal politician to push a vote on the "THE LEGAL WORKFORCE ACT”. Contact Speaker of the House John Boehner (R-OH); House Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R-VA); House Majority Whip Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) ; House Chairman of Ways & Means Committee Dave Camp (R-MI);

Other Members of the Ways & Means Committee to phone or fax for free.

NEBRASKA, Rep. Berg, Rick (GOP) (202-225-2611) ; NEBRASKA, Rep. Smith, Adrian (GOP) (202-225-6435); LOUISIANA, Rep. Boustany, Charles (GOP) (202-225-2031); MICHIGAN, Rep. Camp, Dave (GOP) (202-225-3561) & (202-225-2031); KENTUCKY, Rep. Davis, Geoff (GOP) (202-225-3465); PENNSYLVANIA, Rep. Gerlach, Jim (GOP)(202-225-4315); KANSAS, Rep. Jenkins, Lynn (GOP)(202-225-6601); MINNESOTA, Rep. Paulsen, Erik (GOP)(202-225-2871); WASHINGTON, Rep. Reichert, Dave (GOP) (202-225-7761); WISCONSIN, Rep. Ryan, Paul (GOP) (202-225-3031) Tell these unwilling lawmakers that you are a voter and that they will be hearing from you in 2012.

One Old Vet saying, “Stand next to me and you’ll never stand alone.”

Remember—Don’t Steal. The Government doesn’t like competition.


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