“So the proposed Keystone pipe line may leak a little, may get shot at by local Bubbas of the well-regulated militia and may be the target of Al Qaeda, but who cares — it only goes through ‘Red’ states.”

“If I don’t believe or like Chevy cars, then I would never own a Chevy dealership. Since you have never sent your kids to public schools, I would think you don’t believe in the public school system. So why would you want us to think you really care about the public school system by being the Arizona Superintendent of Public Instruction? Wake up Arizona! This man has other dreams of bigger political offices. Lets keep him out of something he really doesn’t care about.”

“President Obama is turning this country into a third world country and liberals want it that way. All of you who ‘feed’ from the government trough when you could work, will never have a meaningful life! Also, Obama is a disgrace as a Commander-in-Chief and has put this country in harm’s way!”

“How can the world expect President Obama and his leftist administration to stop the resurgence of communism in Europe when he is fomenting communism here in America?”

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