The Phoenix Police Department and Drug Enforcement Administration are making it easy and safe to get rid of old prescription drugs by conducting a Prescription Drug Take Back Day at Pecos Park this Saturday.

Police officials say that prescription drugs can be dangerous to leave in a medicine cabinet when they're not being used, but they're also difficult to get rid of. They say that flushing the drugs can contaminate the water supply while simply throwing them in the trash could leave anyone to find them.

The Phoenix Police Department is making it simple by setting up a drop-off site in the parking lot of Pecos Park. Anyone can drop off old prescription drugs and police will impound the drugs and dispose of them safely.

"This is non-attribution, no questions asked," said Sgt. Scott McCauley, community programs sergeant with the Phoenix Police Department. "Even if people are unsure what to bring, we'll take anything they need to get rid of. We'll be out in the parking lot, they can pull up, drop off their pills and be on their way."

McCauley did warn that the department is not equipped to take anything sharp like needles during their drive. Otherwise, any old, unneeded medication is welcome.

"This is important to clean out the medicine cabinet and keep these prescription drugs from the hands of kids," McCauley said. "Sometimes teenagers will raid the parent's medicine cabinets and sometimes at parties friends of friends will come in and decide to go through things and take advantage of the situation. This is just to prevent those drugs from falling into the wrong hands."

The department conducted a drive last September and were able to fill about three-and-a-half large bins with drugs and dispose of them. They're hoping even more people will take the chance this month to clean out their cabinets.

The drive will be at Pecos Park, 17010 S. 48th St., from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. in the parking lot.

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