Supporters of Mitt Romney enthusiastically tout his private sector success as qualifying him to lead our nation. There is no question that Romney was incredibly successful as a venture capitalist, although admittedly he started a little farther down the road than most people could.

However, one must question if private sector experience really lends itself to running a government. How did that work out in the past? Most folks probably don’t remember Ev Meacham or Fife Symington, two successful business people who ascended to the governorship of Arizona on the basis of their private sector achievements. Meacham turned out to be a nutcase and Symington a dishonest businessman.

Running any level of government “like a business” is folly because they are two different entities with two different sets of rules. Achievement and experience in one does not necessarily translate to success in the other.

I’d rather see Romney speak of new ways to move our country forward rather than the same old Republican mantra of cutting taxes for the wealthy and businesses and reducing social programs for the needy. We’ve seen where that philosophy got us ten years ago — why would we want to experience that disaster again.

Edward F. Murphy


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