Summer is upon us once again and we need to find different activities to keep are children busy. One of the best ways to improve your child’s confidence, self-esteem, and social skills is having them attend summer camp.

It’s a great experience for your child to attend summer camp because many children will have the opportunity to meet new friends. They will be busy with different activities throughout the day so it keeps their brains engaged and active. There has been statistics that prove if children are not engage in activities they can lose up to two months of material from the previous school year.

Summer camps provide physical and emotional growth. There are a wide variety of programs being offered throughout the Valley this summer. Since children are always inside all the time, summer camps give them a variety of activities, including much needed physical activity. Kids can run, hike, swim and play their favorite sports. Depending on your child’s interest you can find theater, art, music and nature activities for them to enjoy.

Children have a hard time separating from their parents. I feel summer camps can give a child an opportunity to emotionally grow up and find their independence. Children can develop their self-esteem and confidence by exploring their interest and taking risk.

One of the hardest lessons for children to learn is not doing well at something, but this is what builds character and lets them explore new things. Children will develop the “I can do attitude.”

Another advantage of sending your child to a summer camp is to broaden their social skills. Many children find it hard to join in a group, communicate what they need, and learn how to solve problems. This is a great time to focus on developing these skills.

Now is the time to start looking into a variety of different camps being offered throughout the Valley. Many of the camps have a variety of activities that will interest your child, and allow them explore new things this summer. Have fun and enjoy!

• Teresa Welsh is a behavior coach with her own company, Kids Reaching New Heights. Reach her at (602) 531-0230 or

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