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The notion that students should be allowed to carry guns on a college campus is a bad idea. No, it is a really bad idea.

It is incredible that the Senate Judiciary Committee by a 5-3 vote approved Senate Bill 1474. Soon the Arizona Legislature will vote on this bill, which if approved would allow anyone 21 and older with a concealed-carry permit to carry a gun on the campuses of public universities and community colleges.

Admittedly, gun holders may not be allowed to twirl a gun in front of classmates in the classroom or library. The bill still allows universities and colleges to keep guns out of buildings, stadiums and classrooms if they provide secure gun-storage lockers. That is a big “if.”

Estimates were flying this past week that it will cost millions of dollars to construct gun-storage lockers at our schools. And it will cost maybe a couple of million dollars to hire staff to check the guns outside of buildings.

Why in the world do students needs guns to go to school? They don’t. Students are at a university to learn. The yahoos we let loose on campus with guns are a far bigger threat to the student body than the isolated nut case that goes over the deep end. And there is no guarantee that these “licensed” gunmen (and, we suppose, gunwomen) that might defend themselves or others can hit what they are aiming at.

There is only one argument for this. It all boils down to this prose attributed to Sen. Rick Murphy, R-Peoria, by the Arizona Republic: “You either have a constitutional right or you don’t,” he said. “I prefer to be able to defend myself, and I think students have that same right.”

Students are not lining up at Senate hearings demanding this right. Most are lining up to protest it. The Board of Regents and the Arizona Chiefs of Police oppose this legislation. And so should you.

Arizona currently is one of 25 states that allow each university or college to determine whether guns can be brought on campus. Every public university and college currently says no to guns.

There are almost an equal number of states that flat out say it is illegal to bring a gun onto a college campus. And then you have Oregon, Utah, Wisconsin and Mississippi who allow it.

Let’s not let Arizona be the fifth state to make this mistake. This is a bad idea. The self-defense argument is weak. There is no guarantee that someone “defending” themselves can shoot straight. The likelihood is all too high it will end badly for some innocent student.

Voters can shoot this idea down by emailing and calling legislators. It is time to send them a message to quit wasting time on such nonsensical measures and get back to working on funding a better education system and measures to attract industry and jobs to Arizona.

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Doubtless, the writer of this piece had plenty of instances to report where students in Oregon, Utah, Wisconsin and Mississippi shot the wrong people when responding to a school shooter. He/She/it must've ran out of space to include them.

There are no guarantees in life. Given a choice, I'd rather have my weapon of choice on me than go unarmed during a school shooting.


I'm almost positive the same test that is required for armed guards to pass. Would you trust them to be at your kids college? I bet you would.
Concealed handgun hooded are far more law abiding than other citizens anyways. They are the exact people you do want near your kids.


The writer does express an opinion, but fails to provide any support for it other than logical fallacies such as appeal to authority and appeal to popularity. This was a very poorly written article. If the writer were to have quacked like a duck for 11 paragraphs, he or she would have provided the same amount of support (none) for their argument.

Other states that have removed this restriction on rights of law abiding citizens have not made a mistake. Using peer-reviewed scholarly research, violent assaults, rape, and murder is lowered in each area in which concealed carry holders are not restricted from carry (Lott).

The financial threat is a scare tactic as campuses are not required to pay millions of dollars to ensure that their campus is a rapist-protection-zone. This is a logical fallacy of the false dilemma.

The current situation of posting a sign at the edge of campus blocks zero criminals. If the current situation works so well, why not use that process to protect the state capital, Palo Verde power plant, or even the White House? The reason is that criminals pay no attention to posted signs, laws, and committee policies. Peer-reviewed research shows again that criminals are much more afraid of armed citizens (Wright and Rossi).

Furthermore, more logical fallacies are used to claim a probability of unknown outcomes. This is in contrast to law enforcement records that private citizens in such situations have a higher accuracy rate and shoot more attempted rapists and attempted murderers than law enforcement does (Kleck and Gertz). This is not a knock against our respected law enforcement, it's just a byproduct of citizens being the first-responders and law enforcement being second-responders that arrive well after the crime or attempted crime has been committed so that the second-responder can file a report.

The writer states their opinion that the bill is a bad idea on multiple parts in the article, but fails to provide any logical reasoning. Please stop with the incompetent writing and discuss the issues with supporting reasons, not blatant logical fallacies.


The notion that 21 year old students who have qualified to carry a concealed firearm under state standards is suddenly transformed from someone who can be trusted on our streets, in our restaurants, in public in general, into an irresponsible person not to be trusted with the exercise of that same right merely because he/she steps across a property line onto a campus is illogical, unsupported by historical evidence (there are campuses in the U.S. that allow it with no problems whatsoever), and a non sequitur.

This article is an example of an opinion formed upon naked speculation, and has no basis in fact.

And, frankly, we're tired of it. Just get out of the way and let people exercise their fundamental rights without interposing your unsubstantiated bias into the equation.

"Let’s not let Arizona be the fifth state to make this mistake. This is a bad idea. The self-defense argument is weak. There is no guarantee that someone “defending” themselves can shoot straight. The likelihood is all too high it will end badly for some innocent student."

That is nothing but speculation. How about we look at the facts for a change? The state of Florida has issued 2,000,000 CCW permits since 1987. Only 168 of these licenses have been revoked due to criminal usage of a firearm. That means for every person that MISUSES a CCW there are over 11,000 that carry firearms without incident.

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