Cinco de Mayo partygoers this year have a hassle-free way to have fun, stay safe and avoid a DUI with Discount Cab's "Free Ride Back" program, which offers free rides for patrons who call a cab in Phoenix or Tucson when they're inebriated.

Aimed at keeping drunk drivers off the Arizona's streets, "Free Ride Back" offers Arizonans a free lift back to their car if they reserve a Discount Cab taxi when they're out at a local bar or restaurant and feel they've had too much to drink.

Cinco de Mayo is known for parties around the Valley and therefore is usually a busy day for Discount Cab. It's also a busy day for law enforcement, with DUI stops throughout the Valley. More than 18,000 Arizona drivers were cited for DUIs in 2010.

The company's "Free Ride Back" program helps people enjoy Cinco de Mayo, avoid a DUI and get home safely. A Discount Cab driver then drives them back to their car the next day free of charge, no questions asked.

"Arizona has some of the toughest DUI laws in the country," said Craig Hughes, CEO of Total Transit, Inc., which owns Discount Cab. "Our program takes the worry out of your Cinco de Mayo fun and keeps inebriated drivers off the Arizona's streets at the same time."

Phoenix and Tucson residents who want to take advantage of the program can call 602-200-2000 in Phoenix. The offer applies to patrons at any local bar or restaurant. The service is offered year round by Discount Cab.

Now in its 27th year of operation, Discount Cab is one of the largest cab companies in the Southwest, operating nearly 650 cabs throughout Phoenix and Tucson.

For information on Discount Cab, visit Find Discount Cab on Twitter at

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