Marian Haley accepts Fulton Homes' "Teacher of the Week" award.

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They say those who can, do, those who can't, teach.

But those who know high school teacher Marian Haley dispute this cliché. They say she is not only an amazing educator, but an inspiration to everyone in her community. This week's Fulton Homes ‘Teacher of the Week" winner is being honored for her generosity both inside her Government and Law classroom at Agua Fria High School in Avondale, and overseas.

Haley was nominated by Jed Littrell, a fellow teacher at Agua Fria, who has witnessed her positive outlook on life, and watched her organize events benefitting the community. Agua Fria students say Haley is best known for the valuable advice she gives them.

"There is not a single person that has walked by Ms. Haley's classroom without receiving a smile and the advice to ‘make good choices,'" said Littrell. "Thanks to her, many of our students have taken this to heart and go out in the world, thinking about their decisions thoroughly before making them. That speaks volumes to how much students respect her."

Haley has also organized events for her students to participate in real world activities. For the last several years she has put together a "Holiday Troop Drive." This allows her students to be hands-on collecting, packaging and shipping items to troops in Afghanistan, Iraq and other areas of deployment. Items like toothbrushes, hand sanitizer, magazines and playing cards are sent to the soldiers. Other events she has organized include an annual student voter registration, and inviting a congressman to speak to students.

"A great teacher is one that inspires her students to not only excel academically, but also in their community," Fulton Homes CEO Douglas Fulton said. "Haley is truly a great role model that encourages students to get involved and make a difference."

The 12th annual Fulton Homes' "Teacher of the Week" program showcases teachers in the Valley who inspire their students. Students and parents can nominate their favorite educator each week for that teacher's chance to win a prize package containing $300 from Fulton Homes and the Dairy Council of Arizona. The chosen educator is announced every Friday from 6:20 to 7:20 a.m. on KNIX's Ben and Matt in the Morning Show. Students and parents can nominate their favorite teacher each week by visiting, and submitting a brief form describing why their teacher deserves the title.


For information about Fulton Homes "Teacher of the Week," visit, or visit and type in the keyword "teacher."


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