America's credit rating is downgraded.

Yeah -- and we saw it coming. In fact, more than two years ago, a mass movement of Americans from every party and state warned it was imminent.

Instead of standing tall and pushing forward with resolve, President Obama blames the tea parties; a shallow, transparent move. Congressman Barney Frank didn't get Obama's talking points. The crusty statesman told the Associated Press the use of our military is the real problem. He says America needs to cut costs by limiting our involvement in other countries' affairs.

Well, as the blame game escalates, America is twisting in critical condition. And, there are those who tell us, it's going to get worse. Get their names and numbers, because they're to blame, next!

Since reliable media is broken, now is a good time to surf the web. Some ideas out there are insulting, some alarming, some are eye-opening and give us a sense of why we're in such trouble. As an example, see

Wisdom needs to prevail as we fight this fight, but when a nation's citizens experience violation to the level their families are at risk, one may as well get out of the way.

This writer also believes our national safety is more vulnerable than ever, susceptible to terrorists and hostile countries who want to see us in ashes.

Barney Frank and I can agree on one thing: Yes, pull our military closer to home, but use precious funding to upgrade our defense systems. All other budget areas should be subject to cuts, but our military, especially support systems for our troops, should not be sacrificed, while a suspect range of pet projects, locked into political schemes, flow on through.

This is what I see: In the chaos of unemployment, debt, taxes, immigration and government domination, two clear sides of thinking have jelled; we are now two Americas, spanning across party lines.

Pollster Scott Rasmussen reports this last week: "Just 17 percent of Americans believe the U.S. government has the consent of the governed." And, only 6 percent give Congress their approval. By the way, this poll was taken prior to the now infamous "downgrade."

In response, Pat Caddell - a former pollster for a number of Democratic presidential candidates, is critical of both major parties (as am I). He describes the Rasmussen poll as "unprecedented." Caddell has warned that "a sea of anger is churning among Americans who want to take their country back." The nation stands on the brink of a "pre-revolutionary moment."

Perhaps it's true. I pray not. But we've been warned by peaceful dissenters amid despicable criticism by the progressive arm, an arm up to its pit in the breakdown of America. The decomposition is definitely a bipartisan disgrace as observed through Arizona's own Senator "Hobbit" John McCain. The whole bunch refuse to compute that overspending is quicksand where finally, all breath is gone.

It's been confirmed: Middle America is wise. With their sweat, its citizens create the wealth this country enjoys. Many are the very seniors whose pensions may take a hit in a major rollback. Still, they've courageously tried to educate the decision makers. And for that, they've been slandered and mocked.

Those who hear tea party warnings refer to their cries as our canary in the mine. Washington better hear before the unemployed take to the streets and political enemies instigate riots to create crisis. It will be there we find the credit downgrade won't be the worst of it.

• East Valley resident Linda Turley-Hansen ( is a syndicated columnist and former Phoenix veteran TV anchor.

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Are you saying the tea party isn't responsible for the credit downgrade? If so, please show your work.

Everyone reading this can go to StandardandPoors .com and read their report on their downgrade.

The report clearly points to the debt ceiling situation caused by the Tea Party, and the line in the sand they've drawn on taxes, as the reason for the downgrade.

The report is free, it's only 8 pages. I encourage everyone to do their own homework and make up their own minds.

I sympathize with the Tea Party folks on some issues, but I think they go too far.

In this case, they created a situation, refusing the allow a debt ceiling increase, and used it to get their way, and did not seem to care about any harm it would do to my country.

But don't take my work for it, go read the report and make up your own mind.


The remarks of Mrs. Turley-Hansen certainly complement the position of this paper but I think she is 180 degrees off course.

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