U.S. Postal Service letter carrier of 12 years, Jamesa Euler, turns down the flag on a mailbox while delivering mail in the Cabbagetown neighborhood, Thursday, Feb. 7, 2013, in Atlanta. The financially struggling U.S. Postal Service wants to stop delivering mail on Saturdays but continue to deliver packages six days a week under a plan aimed at saving about $2 billion a year. (AP Photo/David Goldman)

David Goldman

Residents, please make sure your license plate bulbs are fresh and working properly, OK? The DUI task force in Tempe is not there to protect and serve. They are there to cold-call for their very lucrative business. It is ridiculous. I know three designated drivers who were completely sober who were in handcuffs over the weekend. A couple of them even blew 0.00. One of them caught the whole incident on video and the cop wouldn’t let him go until he erased the video (he waited and watched him do it before he would let him go).

It is really sad when designated drivers are scared to go out on Mill Avenue to keep their friends safe … because they are afraid of the total circus they may have to go through as almost standard procedure if you are driving in that city after-hours. Believe it or not, some of us don’t drink, officers. But we are all “guilty until proven innocent” with your approach. I think it would be cheaper just to block off all the roads and not allow any cars in after sunset.

Josh Atkinson


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