It's a fact - 66 percent of us are overweight or obese. Chances are that means you. Don't trivialize it by convincing yourself that you really didn't need a swimsuit anyway. Just think of everything you've got to look forward to: Insulin injections (that means syringes), blood pressure and cholesterol meds, joint pain, reduced mobility (leading to more weight gain), scooter chairs, dependence on others and, for some, an early death. Read that again.

Apathy abounds. Take a look. Posture so poor you'd swear everyone had osteoporosis. Dragging flip-flops. Slack-jawed mouths smacking gum. Muffin tops. And, excuse me, but when did it become acceptable to go out in public wearing pajamas and slippers?

Denial rules. Even as I present statistics on current health trends, ask about physical activity and eating habits - people insist that they feel fine. None of this applies to them because, "look, she's/he's fatter."

One word: Mirror.

Look at yourself. Stop lying.

Then there's irrational thinking. Everyone wants a healthier life, thinner thighs, to climb a flight of stairs without wheezing (I could go on). Yet, when I present a plan for virtually guaranteed success - out comes the excuses. The first is usually "no time and no money." I propose cutting TV time, going to bed earlier to get up earlier - nope, no can do. Daily lunch "out" is minimally $50 per week ($200/month, $2,400/year) - too busy, no time to pack a healthy lunch (for less than half that amount). Noticing a $500 purse, $300 cell phone and French manicured acrylic nails, I inquire about discretionary spending - whoa, talk about a "third rail!"

Imagine a friend wanting white teeth but refusing to brush every day. You explain that brushing is the minimum requirement. Yet she or he still doesn't want to brush. Nothing you say is convincing enough. Sounds crazy, doesn't it?

Health professionals face these challenges everyday. People either don't care, don't think they have a problem, or just sit and wish for a healthier body without lifting a finger. Where is their self-respect/esteem? Remember, 66 percent of us are overweight or obese - a symptom of not caring and lots of excuses.

What I'm promoting here is honesty. Quit lying to yourself. Take control.

The next time you think you can't afford to get healthy, say out loud: "My cell phone, eating out, full cable package, couture purse and luxury car are more important than my health."

When you think you don't have time to get healthy say, "TV shows, running to the mall, trivial phone chatting, updating social networking sites and manicures are more important than my health."

When you're diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes, clutch that Gucci purse really tight and remember, you were warned.

NSCA certified personal trainer Shannon Sorrels holds a bachelor's degree in chemistry and an MBA. Her company, Physix LLC, works with Valley individuals as well as groups to improve their overall fitness. Reach her at (480) 528-5660 or visit

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