"I don’t understand why so many women today feel like they have to expose so much of their bodies for everyone to see. Why not leave something to the imagination and show respect for your body and yourself?"

"Why is everyone in such a hurry to get to work in the morning? Driving on 202 West at 7 a.m. cars are going about 80 on a 65-mph-road. I guess it is good that you want to get to work, if you have a job. I drive 67 in the right lane, and today in a five-mile stretch 90 cars passed me. Also I think it is interesting that some one-person cars use the HOV lane as their own passing lane if the left (fast) lane slows them down. Did you know it is about a $350 fine for doing that? Drive safe."

"It is hilarious this hacker turned on his 'pals.' What more could they expect though? Hackers as a class are lazy, entitled opportunists with no moral character."

"For their attacks on government security agencies these hackers should be executed for treason."

"I'm tired of people like Rush Limbaugh and Grover Norquist leading the so-called leaders of the Republican Party around by the nose. I don't recall ever hearing those two taking an oath to uphold the Constitution of this country. Before you accuse the president of poor leadership you better impress me with yours if you want my vote."

"Limbaugh is starting to feel the heat from his sponsors and you know that can't smell good."

"Banks don't give a damn about the houses/people they’re foreclosing on. They don't want the houses. They just want the mortgage insurance money."

“Arpaio says no one else has investigated Obama’s birth certificate in detail, as he has. That’s probably because other police forces around the country are tending to business and aren’t headed up by a fruitcake.”

“Why is it that with these presidential candidates that Utopia lies just beyond the next war unless they have children in the military. It almost seems like the only thing standing in the way of another war is a (Nobel) Peace Prize.”

“The official line about how the Middle East is gouging us on oil prices is so much political posturing and empty rhetoric. The main force behind rapidly rising prices of all commodities is the criminal printing of worthless money by your government. Every unbacked buck they put into circulation dilutes the value of all other currency. Like pouring water into the lemonade to make it go further, every sip becomes less tasteful, less valuable. The effect is that foreign countries have to demand more of a thinned-down dollar to make up for government-caused inflation.”

“‘You got to know when to hold ‘em, know when to fold ‘em’. Pinal County Sheriff Paul Babeu should know that as far as his job, that it’s time to ‘fold ‘em’. When the chairman of the Pinal County Board of Supervisors demanded that he step down, that should have been the kicker. He did it to himself through his own indiscretions, no one else’s. His skills, strengths and managerial know-how is undiminished but his reputation outside and inside the Pinal County Sheriff’s Department is blemished forever. It’s time for him to cut his losses and move on.”

“The nation’s debt is one of the biggest threats to national security — $15 trillion and rising by the second. And the spending problem has the Democratic Party eyeing the military for massive cuts. The U.S. spent $1 trillion in Afghanistan — and the U.S. still has an army of 90,000 soldiers there. Bringing the troops home from Afghanistan would be a big cut in spending and would not seriously hurt America’s national defense. But that is exactly what President Obama, the Democrats, and today’s liberals refuse to do.”

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