Dear Editor:

This evening as I sat down for dinner, I came across your newspaper. For whatever reason the Opinion section was open and I began to read this (submitted guest commentary) published by a Mountain Pointe High School physic teacher bashing Obama. I read it and read it again, only to realize that I just wasted my time on some individual who apparently believes in fairy tales and that the world can be corrected with the wave of a magic wand. Two years into the job and this teacher expected our president and this Congress to correct the problems that have grown over the past three presidents. But, let's not continue on with that.

I would like to challenge this paper to do some real investigative research and follow up on the (guest commentary). Let's find out the real reasons for why people have lost their jobs!

It's stupid to think the president or Congress is going to create jobs and anyone who believes that should be with our teacher from Mountain Pointe. My God, he is a teacher ... you can only imagine what he is telling our students.

John A. Camarillo

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