Artist or crafter? It doesn’t matter to Frank Biernier.

“I just couldn’t throw out these old record albums,” he says.

Having a passion for music, slightly biased to classic rock, he figured there must be some way to recycle these treasures. Then the lightning bolt struck: clocks! He decided to create different clocks, using creative hands and second sweeps to accent the album covers.

He shows and sells his creations at MACFest, downtown Mesa’s twice-monthly artisan street fair.

“People really like the trip back in time, looking through my record bins,” says Biernier.

Each clock is special ordered and takes about a week to make. Biernier will deliver it if you are local, or ship if not. There is no fancy website, no store — just an email address:

“Everyone has a music artist they hang with through the years, especially us boomers. We love our classic rock,” he says.

He also makes clocks using vinyl records.

“I wasn’t sure it would be attractive, but people have really responded to them. (There’s) something about vinyl that sends you back in time,” he says.

Biernier has bins of records that you can browse through to pick an artist.

“It’s interesting when the Millennials stroll into the booth and ask, ‘What is this?’ pointing to a vinyl record. That’s my invitation to tease them: ‘It’s a dinosaur CD that your parents played on a turn table back in the day.’ ‘What?’ ‘Never mind.’” he says.

• Ashley Bowes volunteers with MACFest.

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