Jan Brewer

Arizona Republican Gov. Jan Brewer is interviewed before attending a GOP fundraising dinner in Little Rock, Ark., Thursday, Oct. 6, 2011.

AP Photo/Danny Johnston

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. - Gov. Jan Brewer took her war with the president and his administration on the road Thursday, blasting him for broken promises and calling his latest Jobs Act a "ketchup Popsicle'' so distasteful that even Democrats won't accept.

In a speech to Republican Party faithful here, Brewer detailed her ongoing fight with the administration over border security. And she detailed how the Department of Justice sued the state -- and her personally -- last year to void key sections of SB 1070 aimed at illegal immigrants.

But the governor decided to go beyond the issues specific to Arizona, detailing for her audience of about 500 Republicans a list of "wrongs'' by Obama.

Brewer said the president promised to get the nation's jobless rate below 8 percent if

Congress adopted his stimulus plan. The package passed -- and unemployment is still north of 9 percent.

Now, she said, he is pushing a new package designed to create jobs. And the president used a press conference earlier in the day to say that Americans will blame Republicans if Congress fails to act.

Brewer compared his promotion of the jobs plan to a retailer trying to talk someone into buying "that little tasty dessert.''

"They promise you how delicious it will be, how scrumptious it will be,'' she continued.

"You've all been there,'' Brewer said. But after buying it, "It's nothing like they promised, it's just awful tasting.''

She said Obama promises are "just like that,'' comparing the president's promises of a better economy if his jobs bill passes the same kind of dessert.

"You know, Mr. President, I don't think anybody's going to buy this ketchup popsicle,'' Brewer said.

"I don't even think your own party will buy this ketchup popsicle, Mr. President,'' the governor said. "I think we all will just say, 'no thanks' this time and save our hard-earned money.''

The governor also mocked the president, saying he vowed to reduce the deficit.

"In fact, he's accumulated more debt than any president, and in a shorter period of time,'' Brewer said.

And among the other "wrongs'' Brewer detailed about the administration is the failed Fast and Furious program where guns were allowed to be sold to known straw purchasers for Mexican drug cartels, "and no one high up is held accountable.''

On the other side of the equation, Brewer listed things that are "right'' including not be embarrassed to sing the national anthem and wear a flag pin. But her list went deeper.

"Right is not being afraid to say to those who are here illegally, 'You deserve no favoritism, no special treatment, no jobs over the unemployed Americans, no driver's license, no special language privileges, obey our laws,' '' she said.

Inviting Brewer to the annual event apparently paid off.

Doyle Webb, chairman of the Arkansas Republican Party, said 500 tickets were sold at $150 apiece. That's twice as many as last year when the party had to settle for Michael Reagan.

On top of that, several dozen people paid an extra $250 a couple -- dinner not included -- for a pre-event meet and greet with Brewer, including a chance to get their picture taken with the governor.

The Arkansas GOP, unlike its Arizona counterpart, has found itself in the political wilderness: The current governor is Democrat Mike Beebe; both the House and Senate also are in Democratic hands.

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