Mountain Pointe football coach Norris Vaughan has spent most of his career in Georgia.

And he loves to talk about his days there while comparing and contrasting the two states.

Vaughan never minces words and is mostly partial to his home state.

So when he says his new quarterback Kyle Faunce has one of the best arms for a QB heading into his junior year it isn't just a bunch of fluff.

But that is exactly what Vaughan saw out of Faunce since coming to Ahwatukee Foothills by the way of Indiana through Scottsdale Saguaro.

"I know quarterbacks," Vaughan said. "When I was in Georgia, I did quarterbacks (drills) for Nike combines. I’ve seen them all. Eli Manning and some others all came through there."

And Faunce stands in the pocket with the best of them.

"He's looked good and he is a double threat," Vaughan said. "He can throw and he can run. He thinks he can throw it through a closing window. We have had to de-program him a little bit, but he has looked incredible. He has some touch issues sometimes, but has a better arm than any sophomore (now a junior) I have ever seen."

Faunce moved to Arizona before last school year from Indiana and enrolled at Saguaro. He was in competition for the starting QB position for a program that had won three straight Class 4A Division I state titles.

He won the starting job, but eventually gave way to Teddy Ruben. There were various reports as to what led to position change. Faunce eventually had his season cut short by a broken arm.

 By Jason P. Skoda, Ahwatukee Foothills News

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