Honor guard members stand at attention during the dedication of Glendale’s public safety memorial Tuesday.

Dave Martinez/Daily News-Sun

Glendale Fire and Police dignitaries joined city staff and residents at the Civic Center Plaza Tuesday night for the dedication of the Public Safety Memorial, a 15-foot-tall sculpture meant to remember those who have fallen.

Glendale has had one firefighter and two police officers who died in the line of duty: Fire Engineer Lester Hillis, Sgt. Pat Campbell and Officer Anthony Holly.

Hillis died in 1974 when, while responding to a call, his fire truck was hit by a civilian vehicle.

Campbell died of leukemia in 1985, the result of a tainted blood transfusion he received after he used his vehicle as a roadblock to stop a fleeing robbery suspect from driving into a school zone.

Holly was shot and killed in 2007 while backing up a fellow officer.

Glendale Police Chief Steve Conrad said he was thankful to those who helped make the memorial a reality.

“Though it is tragic memorials like these are necessary at all,” he said. “This has truly been a labor of love and this memorial is the purest tribute we could give to honor the memories of these three men.”

The memorial itself features two firefighters and two police officers working together to save a young child. Behind the sculpture is a memorial wall with the names of the fallen as well as a sitting area.

Fire Chief Mark Burdick spoke for the fire and police departments when he said he hopes the memorial never has to be altered.

“Our hope and prayer is to never have to add another name to that wall,” he said.

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