Ein Mitarbeiter der WestLB Bank demonstriert am Dienstag 19.Mai 2009, mit einem Megaphone vor der Zentrale in Duesseldorf . Nach dem ueberraschenden Ruecktritt von WestLB-Chef Heinz Hilgert soll der Sanierungskurs der angeschlagenen Landesbank unter Fuehrung von dessen Stellvertreter, Dietrich Voigtlaender, fortgesetzt werden. Der Aufsichtsrat bestellte den 50-jaehrigen Manager in einer Krisensitzung am Montagabend zum kommissarischen Vorstandschef. (AP Photo/Frank Augstein) A banker of the German WestLB bank demonstrates holding a megaphone in front of the headquarters on Tuesday May 19,2009.(AP Photo/Frank Augstein)

AP file photo

“Republicans are ticked because CVS drugstores will quit selling cigarettes because it conflicts with the primary purpose of a drugstore. Arizona legislative bodies want to repeal medicaid coverage on 134,000 people, leaving them only to die. Doesn’t that make the Arizona Legislature a death panel, and from what planet do their constituents hail?”

“Why would anyone want to tour any Mormon temple? Why do they build them that way? The big one near Main Street here in Mesa looks like a giant mausoleum. Once, while riding the bus home, I saw an older Hispanic woman bless herself as we went by that place.”

“It amazes me how people get so upset if an animal is mistreated or killed, but can care less that innocent human babies are being killed every day.”

“Guns at public events. Bring it on! Can’t you just hear Tim Healy on the mic saying ‘...and Johnson breaks away for the U of A with what will be the winning basket.. BAM... never mind.’ And the hustle award goes to Sheriffs deputy and ASU booster Cataract Christensen for skillful use of his concealed musket.”

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