A Perry for President spokesperson announced recently that the Texas governor and Republican presidential wannabe Rick Perry might be done debating. Frankly, I thought he was done in his first debate. It was painful waiting for his words to catch up with his thoughts. They spewed out almost incoherently at times. I though he was going to punch Mitt Romney out in the last debate. His spokesperson went on to say that Rick would focus more on "retail politics" where he's had great success in the past. I guess this is where you run "canned" commercials, direct mail and sound bytes without having to think quickly on your feet. Does this mean he would be a no-show in the presidential debates with Obama if he happened to snag the nomination? I'm thinking that Rick may be done.

It appears that the more they debate, the better Obama looks. In fact, according to a Rocky Mountain Poll conducted Oct. 13-14 with registered Arizona voters, President Obama would beat all three leading Republican candidates if the election were held today. 45-40 percent over Romney. 44-38 percent over Perry and 45-38 percent over Herman Cain.

Ladies and gentlemen ... Arizona is now "in play" in 2012. The last time a Democrat carried this state in a presidential election was Bill Clinton in 1996 when he defeated Bob Dole. Maybe Arizona isn't as "red" as Gov. Jan Brewer would like for us all to believe. Could it be that we're smarter than the Republicans in Congress? Possibly, we "get it" that Bush and the GOP got us into these wrong wars, created this economic mess and that it's going to take some time and a lot of effort to clean it up. Arguably, Obama has done the "hard stuff," laid the infrastructure, "carried the water" and is now going it alone to effect "change that we can all believe in!"

The Republican presidential debates are accomplishing a great deal even though they come across as "Reality Television." They are giving us ample time to listen closely to the candidates' collective ideas and proposals on how they might effect change in America. We get to see lively interaction between them as they attempt to posture themselves. The winks, the smiles, the grimacing, the backslapping, the touching. It's all good TV. Unfortunately for this collective bunch, they come off as uninformed, narcissistic and rather rude ideologues who haven't a clue as to how to govern. Except for Romney. He changes positions on the issues about as often as he changes his underwear. Sometimes, I can't tell whether he is liberal or a conservative. His "flip-flopping" will be the political death of him. I liken the debates to the "Battle of the Light Brigade".

Sad but true, this field is going to thin rather quickly. Newt Gingrich should be gone by Christmas when the word "Grinch" becomes unpopular. I expect Michelle Bachmann to be gone no later than the day after the Iowa Caucasus when she comes in close to last. Rick Santorum and Jon Huntsman should be gone no later than the day after the New Hampshire primary, if not before. Cain will never win a single primary and drop out after Florida. That will leave us with Romney and Ron Paul. Ron makes it close but no cigar. Romney wins the nomination and goes on to a historic loss in the general election, where he concedes that, indeed, ObamaCare is better than RomneyCare. Obama by 5-7 points.

• Jon Beydler is a 33-year Valley resident and the former mayor of Fountain Hills who now lives in Chandler.

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