“The jerks that are protesting: not only are we paying for police protection, are they all on welfare? They apparently don’t work?”

“Government assistance programs that were intended to be a safety net for those that were having trouble finding work have unfortunately turned into hammocks for those that have no intention of working!”

“A recent survey said 85 percent of people in the U.S. think our government does a bad job. Who are the 15 percent who think they are doing a good job and in what bizzaro world do they live?”

“On Thursday the ATF [Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives] reported that 6,404 guns seized in 2010 in Mexico were from the U.S. Considering that Fast and Furious went down in 2010, and the ATF allowed 2,000 guns to walk in Mexico that year, the ATF is responsible for 31 percent of these. Good job BO.”

“Time for Americans to show up at the ICE [Immigration and Customes Enforcement] office in Phoenix with signs like ‘Do your job’ or ‘Get off your lazy butts.’”

“I have to ask you something, David Rich: If we don’t drink the milk that comes from cows, what are we going to do with it? They have to be milked, you know. The cows aren’t going to milk themselves. And it would be a waste of the milk to just pour it down the drain. The same thing applies to meat. Until you can convince every single carnivorous animal to stop eating meat, you can count me out of your silly, and unpractical, no-meat group.”

“Congress says the secret service needs to be held to a higher standard. The problem with that is Congress doesn’t know the difference between a higher standard and double standard.”

“If the taxpayers have to pay the prostitute in Columbia to safeguard foreign relations will Congress use a Democratic tax and spend policy, a Republican spend and borrow policy, or tea party shake down the poor policy?”

“Ann Romney raised her children, helped her husband run for elected office for governor, senator and twice for president. During those periods alone, I am sure that Ann interacted with many working mothers and stay at home moms, and am confident they filled her ears with their problems, ideas on corrective action during all the campaigning. She probably has talked with more working moms and housewives than Hilary Rosen and her supporters in their lifetimes. You bet that Ann has, and will, provide intelligent contemporary advice to her husband in his run for the presidency.”

“The Democrats have to really be scraping the bottom of the barrel to come up with a native Arizonan who doesn’t support SB 1070 to come up with ex-Sen. Dennis ‘Keating Five’ Deconcini. Does the good ex-senator really think that all of the 23,000 bond holders who were bankrupted by the Keating savings and loan scandal are dead or have forgotten that he was in it up to his eyeballs? Even the Democrat-controlled U.S. Senate Ethics Committee criticized Deconcini for having acted ‘improperly.’ Now here he is in front of a Senate Democrat-controlled meeting complaining that SB 1070 might hurt his ex-constituents. What hubris.”

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