Seven of the 12 Kyrene schools located in Ahwatukee Foothills suffered exterior damage to their facilities during Monday evening’s monsoon.

More than 80 trees across Kyrene school grounds were uprooted due to high-speed winds, according to Nancy Dudenhoefer, Kyrene School District community relations manager.

Desert Vista High School in the Tempe Union High School District caught the worst of the storm with its two scoreboards being completely knocked off their foundation, rendering them non-repairable.

The scoreboards will both be replaced, but arrival of the two new scoreboards is not known as of right now.

The storm also damaged the baseball and softball batting cages at the school, which was blown into a nearby neighbor’s yard.

Parts of the baseball and softball field fences at Desert Vista are laying flat due to high-speed winds, and workers are working on clearing the fallen trees that litter across 32nd Street.

Dr. Linda Littell, director of communications for the Tempe Union High School District, said some of the damages the high school suffered can be repaired, with other items having to be replaced.

She said Mountain Pointe High School didn’t receive any damage to its facilities during the July 15 storm.

There were some minor damages to Desert Vista’s roof, but it wasn’t anything major, according to Littell.

The cost of the damages is still unknown, but will be calculated when clean-up crews are done, she said.

“The crews have been out cleaning up the grounds from the damages, and will then turn in the claim to our Trust, which is our insurance company,” Littell said, adding that the damages suffered at Desert Vista will be cleared away before school starts on Aug. 5.

Meanwhile at Kyrene schools throughout Ahwatukee, Dudenhoefer said the trees that were knocked down during the storm are being replaced with new ones by the district’s insurance company, Arizona School Retention Trust. 

She said that the seven schools caught in the crosshairs of the storm suffered mainly exterior damage to their grounds. However, Kyrene de la Estrella Elementary School did suffer from major leaks throughout the building’s roof, which was originally planned to be replaced.

As of this time the Kyrene School District is trying to identify the damages to schools hit by the storm and clear out the areas before Meet the Teachers Night, which will be from 5 to 7 p.m. on July 31 for middle schools, and from 5:30 to 7 p.m. on Aug. 1 for elementary schools.

“The damages are visually hard to look at, but the schools are still intact,” Dudenhoefer said. “We want to make sure that people see we are trying to take care of the schools just how the town is being taken care of.”

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