Gov. Jan Brewer said Tuesday that enhanced security is being put in place for this weekend's Pat Tillman run in the wake of the bombings in Boston.

Brewer said what happened at the Boston Marathon is on the minds of those who handle public safety and emergency services for the state as they prepare for the Saturday event.

Brewer said she is confident in the security.

"We feel that we have a good plan in place for anything that should happen,'' she said. And that, Brewer said, is not just occurring at the state level.

"Tempe is working along with other municipalities to make sure that there will be increased security at that race,'' she said.

Brewer, chatting Tuesday with reporters, said the incident in Boston has some lessons for Arizona.

"I think it reminds all of us that we certainly have to be aware of our surroundings,'' she said. "We have to be cautious and know what's going on, and that we take every kind of procedure that we feel is necessary.''

But the governor said that does not mean cancelling events out of fear.

"We don't give up,'' she said.

"We still enjoy our beautiful state,'' Brewer said. "We still enjoy our events and move on.''

The 4.2 mile run and walk is to raise funds for scholarships for veterans and their spouses. It is named after a former Arizona Cardinals star -- he wore the number 42 -- who left the team after the 2001 terrorist attacks and volunteered for the military.

He died in 2004 in Afghanistan in what the Army later admitted was "friendly fire.''

It also includes a 0.42-mile kids run.

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