On the eve of its four-year anniversary, Ahwatukee Adventure Boot Camp for Women has changed ownership.

Previous owner Dawn Franklin sold her business to Erik Menegay about two weeks ago and the business will celebrate four years in Ahwatukee Foothills on Saturday, Jan. 29.

Menegay's sister, Michele Figa, has been an instructor with the boot camp for the past two years. Since taking over, Menegay and Figa have co-taught most of the classes, which are at 5:30 a.m. Monday through Thursday.

"I love the boot camp style of it," Menegay said. "I told my sister if (Dawn) ever wanted to sell it, I would love to buy it."

Menegay was a fitness trainer living in Florida when Franklin put her business up for sale.

"She came to Michele and myself and said ‘I want you to take over,'" he said. "At camp one day, Dawn sat everybody down and said ‘Look ladies, this is what's going on, I love you girls, but I miss my family.'"

Franklin returned to Michigan and is still deciding where she wants to go from there.

"I always tell my clients they need to take care of themselves first," she said. "I guess you could say I took some of my own medicine."

Franklin had been thinking about selling her business for about a year and finally let it go to Menegay on Jan. 17.

"They both have that kind and caring personality and they are really good trainers," she said. "When I went to sell it, I felt like they were the people who I trusted the most."

The boot camp is an ongoing group training session open to women of all ages. Boot campers experience short-distance running, muscular strengthening, circuit training, hiking, sport yoga, fitness kick boxing, obstacle courses and more.

Menegay will continue to teach and has plans to open up two additional time slots, one at 9 a.m. and another at 5 p.m.

"The 9 a.m. class will be for the moms who have responsibilities with kids and want time to themselves," he said. "Then the 6 p.m. class will be for the people who only have time after work, they can come right over."

For more information about Ahwatukee Boot Camp for Women, visit their website www.AhwatukeeBootCamp.com, or call Menegay at (480) 392-3061.

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