Any business can use another effective salesperson. What if that extra salesperson was already on your staff? If you have a website, than you have that missing salesperson. However, many business owners don't know how to make their websites perform for sales.

Take the first step in making your website a part of the sales team by looking at it from the person who finds it online.

When your website is found by someone searching online we call those people suspects.

They are searching online, fishing around looking for some information to answer their questions and/or fill their needs and wants. And these suspects are potential leads.

How an online marketing tool, whether it's a website or a landing page, turns that suspect into a viable "lead" or what we call a prospect is what makes an effective online marketing tool and your extra salesperson.

One example to help a suspect engage with your online marketing tool is to have an educational report or white paper that the suspect would like to read, explore and enjoy. But for them to receive it they need to leave their contact information. Now if that happens an exchange occurs and we call that an online "handshake." This suspect has progressed to become much more than a "looky loo." They are now prospects that want an initial relationship with your company. You give them something and they give you something and the handshake occurs.

Another way to have an online handshake occur is when you provide a great offer. For instance, my client offers free herbal food samples. People all over the world want to try the herbal food and the client gives it to them. In exchange they give them their contact information and now they have a real lead. This gets them one step closer to a sale. Now their website is acting like a salesperson.

We have customers that make a great offer or have a strong call to action. This will also provide a real lead to either call you from our trackable phone numbers or leave you their contact information online.

Take the real leads and make a touch campaign out of it from an organized database and this will provide a recipe for sales. The more times you can reach out and touch these prospects and shake their hands online the more you can see that sales will follow.

Think of a website as having a virtual robotic salesperson. You could even give your website a fond name and reward it for performing. Do you think your website would want to go on a bonus trip to Hawaii? No? Well, I guess the boss will have to go in its place.

• Christine Marek is president of Bushido Marketing in Ahwatukee Foothills. Reach her at (480) 456-4700 or visit

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