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A local woman has spent years creating and designing one-of-a-kind jewelry and for her, she says it's all about passion.

"My business is created by passion," said Christian Acosta, an Ahwatukee Foothills resident and mother of two. "I really, really enjoy what I do."

Acosta has been creating her own designs since college but began selling them in the mid-'90s. It's a side job for her, she works mostly with a networking group, but it's something that's always on her mind.

"I find my stones everywhere," Acosta said. "When I'm traveling in La Jolla, Mexico or Spain. I gather ideas from any movement; the sunset, the ocean. I look at the shells and what color the sand is in different seasons. I look at the stars and the moon, anything that can empower a design is what I look at."

Acosta's designs are called Dalica Designs, named partially after her favorite surrealist painter Salvador Dali, with her initials added at the end. She creates necklaces, bracelets and earrings from natural stones and whatever beads or items she happens to come across. Recently she says she designed a bracelet out of bolts she found at Home Depot for a contractor friend. It's the wide open requests she loves the most.

"He was looking for something new for his wife. He told me he wants something totally different because she has everything," Acosta said. "When someone comes to me and says ‘I want something different totally out of this world creative' that inspires me."

All of Acosta's designs are handmade, which makes each one different. She enjoys telling the story behind each piece and enjoys even more the stories she hears back from her customers.

"I made a design for my friend who says every time she wears it something good happens," Acosta said. "She feels like she has to sit up tall because she's wearing something so beautiful. It's very powerful."

Acosta works mostly by referral. She has shown her designs at a few shows, including one in New York when Tyra Banks purchased some of her necklaces. Acosta says she didn't believe Tyra actually bought some until she saw her wearing one on TV.

Besides Banks, Acosta doesn't believe she has sold to any other celebrities, but someday she dreams of people recognizing her designs and sharing their story of how it has impacted them each time they wore it.

Dalica Designs can be found online at

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