Richard Cho wants Sushi Eye to become the neighborhood sushi bar for Ahwatukee Foothills residents.

Cho and company moved from their Tempe location to Ahwatukee Foothills, 4855 E. Warner Road, and opened the doors on Dec. 2. Cho started the restaurant, which also has a location in downtown Chandler, with his father and designed the menu himself, which he said offers something for all types of sushi eaters.

"We try to carry a wide range of products so that not only the hard core sushi eaters but also the people just starting out can find something they like," he said. "People can get turned off to sushi thinking it's raw fish and, traditional sushi, it is raw. But sushi has developed into a fusion cuisine with not just raw ingredients."

Sushi Eye started in Tempe three years ago and developed a strong following with people in the area. Evidence to that are the more than 500 pairs of personal chopsticks kept behind the counter at the new location. Cho keeps the chopsticks prepared for when his regular customers come in.

"We had a strong following (in Tempe) and this first month open we have seen a lot of support from our regulars," he said. "But we are looking forward to creating new regulars and building a relationship with the community here."

Cho said he saw an opportunity for growth at this location, which previously housed Tanked Fish. At the Tempe location, the capacity was about 60 people and here that number has doubled.

"At the smaller location, it was easier," he said. "But here, we have the challenge of making sure everyone is on the same page just because we have more employees and are operating on a larger scale."

Prices on specialty sushi rolls start at $5.95 and go up to $14.95. Sushi Eye offers a happy hour Monday through Friday from 3 to 6 p.m., which includes half-price cocktails, beer, wine and sake, as well as half off on appetizers and their More Maki Menu.

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