Q&A with Foothills Family Chiropractic
Dr. Jacci Havel of Foothills Family Chiropractic offesr full chiropractic services including on-site digital x-ray. Submitted photo

Owners: Dr. M. James Dionisio and new associate, Dr. Jacci Havel

Address: 1241 E. Chandler Blvd. Suite 122

Hours: Monday through Thursday, 7:30 to 10 a.m. and 3 to 6 p.m.; Saturday, 7:30 to 8:30 a.m.

Information: www.foothillsfamilychiro.com, (480) 460-1399 or foothillsfamilychiro@gmail.com.

Q: Where are you from and what did you do before opening your business?

A: I was born and raised in Rice Lake, Wis. I am a United States Army veteran who served eight years in the Army Medical Corps as an EMT and physical therapy assistant. I recently graduated from Logan College of Chiropractic with both my doctorate in chiropractic and a master's degree in sports science and rehabilitation.

Q: Why did you open your business in this community?

A: My primary focus in the practice is to help as many children and families as I can through chiropractic care. Ahwatukee is a wonderful community full of active families and health conscious individuals; therefore, it seemed like the perfect place for me to start my practice.

Q: How did you get the idea to open your business?

A: Dr. Dionisio has been an amazing mentor in helping me discover how to be a great chiropractor. He has helped me realize my true passion to help children and families through chiropractic care, and I have decided to practice here because of his help and guidance.

Q: What type of merchandise/services do you sell?

A: I offer full chiropractic services, including on-site digital X-ray. In addition, we offer complimentary services such as conjunctive therapies, massage and muscle therapy, nutrition counseling and weekly in-office health workshops on various health and wellness topics.

Q: What does your business have in store for the future?

A: I plan on providing monthly community events at our office such as natural health seminars covering topics like exercise, preventing sports injuries, nutrition, children's health and pregnancy. In addition, I plan on doing monthly spinal screenings and talks for local businesses and participating in community sports events.

Q: Anything else you want the community to know about you or your business?

A: I believe people are recognizing the benefit of seeking an alternative to traditional medicine; one that will help them achieve and maintain optimal health. I hope the Ahwatukee community will utilize my services and find better health and a higher quality of living.


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