It may seem strange for a franchise owner to open a new store in the same location where the company failed in the past, but franchise owner Sunny Arora says the market is improving and with his years of experience he believes he can make it work.

"I have owned Quiznos in the past," Arora said. "I had a very good idea with my background how much sales they were doing. I know I won't be able to do the same amount of sales right away, but I know I can build the sales back. I did a little survey myself before deciding to open up. I talked to a lot of neighbors and businesses and they gave me some feedback about how this was operated and they were not happy. If I can improve all those areas and focus on the delivery aspect, I think I can do better than what the previous owner was doing."

The location at Chandler Boulevard and 48th Street is Arora's fifth Quiznos. He has opened and sold others across the East Valley. He believes his biggest challenge with this new store is letting people know that Quiznos is back, but under new management.

"I think once word gets around then we will be fine," Arora said. "This was a Fourth of July weekend so it was not a great weekend to open but we had some deadlines from the corporate office to open so I decided to go ahead. I think for me, for two or three weeks, the focus will just be marketing. I will be going door to door, visiting, introducing myself, passing out coupons and seeing if we can bring those people back again."

Arora says he never saw the location when it was opened before. When the previous owner left, Arora says he didn't even leave a light bulb behind so everything inside is brand new.

Arora was the last tenant to sign a lease in the shopping center, which is now full. The store front next to him will be occupied for a year by a construction company using it as office space.

"It's a good sign according to me," Arora said. "I think when people see plazas in the city where they are hardly occupied, people don't feel like going there. It's a safety issue. The more occupied, the people are more comfortable and have a better tendency to drive in."

Randy Parlova of Abrams Realty and Management said he's working carefully with his tenants to make sure his shopping center fills up.

"It's great. It's wonderful to have that leased up," Parlova said. "That space had been empty for three years in November. We gave them a good deal because we want to get that hole filled. It's nice to bring some life back to that center."

To bring some life to the center, Arora is offering a deal to customers for the month of July. From 3 to 6 p.m. Monday through Wednesday customers can get a free kids meal with purchase of a combo.

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