Desert Dog Pet Care
Desert Dog Pet Care owners Virginia Chavez and Brock Nelson. Submitted photo

Desert Dog Pet Care

Owners: Virginia Chavez and Brock Nelson



Phone: (602) 538-5486


Q: Where are you from and what did you do before opening your business?

A: Virginia is an Ahwatukee native and Brock is from Nebraska. We both were involved in corporate sales and marketing for companies in the Valley prior to starting our business.


Q: Why did you open your business in Ahwatukee Foothills?

A: Growing up here, there was always a strong sense of community shared by all Ahwatukee residents. It’s something I’ve always found hard to find in other towns across the Valley. With Brock being from Nebraska, he found that the neighborly values of the community reminded him of his Midwestern roots. We knew this would be a great place to build a strong foundation for our business with support from the community.


Q: How did you get the idea to open your business?

A: The idea was inspired by our loving rescue pug Sampson. Both of us enjoyed our previous jobs, but nothing compared to our time spent with Sampson. We decided at that point that we wanted to make it our mission to provide others with the type of care and attention that we would want for our own pet.


Q: What type of merchandise/services do you sell?

A: We offer all types of pet care services from daily visits and potty breaks to dog park trips, hikes, pet transportation and more.


Q: What does your business offer that no one else does?

A: We offer personalized in-home pet care by customizing pet care packages that allow our clients to mix and match services based on your needs and schedule, as well as your pet’s. We are also bonded, licensed and insured in order to provide added peace of mind while you are away.


Q: How have residents of the community responded to your business?

A: Residents have been very welcoming and supportive. We recently became official members of the Ahwatukee Foothills Chamber of Commerce and couldn’t ask for a more inspiring group and active group to be involved with.



Q: What does your business have in store for the future?

A: We are currently in the process of adding a retail section to our website beginning with pet food for dogs and cats. Online ordering will be available at Stay tuned for details.


Q: Anything else you want the community to know about you or your business?

A: We offer free consultations for all new clients in order to get to know their pets in their home environment. We can customize a pet care package based on our initial consultation, making it easy to set up future and even last-minute pet care. Also, as members of the community, owners of a rescue dog and avid pet lovers, we welcome any opportunities to help a good cause by donating services, time, energy and any other way we can help. We encourage local philanthropies to contact us anytime.

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