Russell Pearce
Arizona state senator Russell Pearce (right) was in Ahwatukee Wednesday attending a Tea Party meeting at Pecos Community Park where he gave the keynote speech. Sept. 15, 2010 Brian Johnson/AFN

State Rep. Russell Pearce, author of Arizona's controversial anti-illegal immigration law, Senate Bill 1070, accused the Obama administration of waging a "jihad against Arizona" during a tea party appearance Sept. 15 in Ahwatukee Foothills.

About 90 people turned out for the monthly Ahwatukee TEA Party meeting at the city of Phoenix's Pecos Community Center, 17010 S 48th St. Pearce (R-Mesa), who received a standing ovation at the conclusion of his speech, denounced the U.S. Department of Justice's lawsuits against the state, meant to overturn SB 1070, as well as the Obama administration's decision to include Arizona's passage of the law in a report to the United Nations Human Rights Council as an example of domestic human rights abuses.

"What they have is a jihad against Arizona," Pearce said, adding that the administration's submission of Arizona to judgment by the UN panel - which includes nations such as Saudi Arabia, Cuba, China, Libya and Pakistan - could be construed as an impeachable offense.

"I believe it goes beyond malfeasance of office," Pearce said. "Who would have thought we would have a president who would side with a foreign government against Arizona?"

The federal government, he said, has failed to understand the impact the porous southern border has had on the state. Ranchers on the border have had their dogs' throats cut, had their water lines and tanks destroyed, and have had their cattle slaughtered by illegal immigrants, Pearce said. Border residents live in fear, boarding up their windows and doors at night against the voices they hear outside from people trespassing on their property, he added.

"They pray for daylight. They pray for the sun to come up," Pearce said.

The federal government has a constitutional obligation to keep the states safe from "foreign invasion," he said.

"The government has an obligation to follow the law and make sure it's administered properly and fairly. I for one am not going to apologize for demanding that my borders be secured and my laws enforced," Pearce continued. "They're obligated to protect your life, your liberty and your property. And if they don't, fire them."

U.S. District Court Judge Susan Bolton's decision this summer to strike down several of the most controversial portions of SB 1070 eventually will be overturned, Pearce predicted.

"We will win at the Supreme Court with a 5-4 decision," he said. "When I wrote SB 1070, I knew I would be sued. They sue you on everything. I'm getting to know these ACLU guys by first name."

So far, the SB 1070 legal defense fund has received donations totaling $3.5 million, Pearce said. He dismissed Bolton's ruling that the law is unconstitutional because it usurps federal authority.

"States have the inherent power to enforce federal law, or further the intent," Pearce said.

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Russell Pearce is not the "author" of SB-1070. He is the sponsor of the bill, written by a Kansas lawyer who has made an industry out of creating similar bills he then peddles to right-wing hate groups and thick-headed legislators.


By stating that the Obama administration is waging a "jihad against Arizona," Pearce is clearly equating President Obama to Muslims (aka in his eyes: un-American, a terrorist, and foreign).

The way this article reports on this rally and Pearce's ridiculous statement in no way asks Pearce what he meant by "jihad."

The only newsworthy part of this is how he erroneously implied that Obama is sympathetic toward the Muslim faith over... what, Arizona politics? I don't see any connection at all, and THAT is what should be focused on here.

Instead, we get a one-sided article telling us what he said and how people loved it.

Is Mr. Cohn sympathetic toward the Tea Party so much that he refuses to do his job as a journalist?

Why was the term for "a Muslim internal struggle to maintain faith" or "the Muslim struggle in a holy war" even brought up here?

We don't get any answers at all.


Thank God we have people like State Rep. Russell Pearce and Sheriff Arpaio fighting to stop this invasion from Mexico.


Russell Pearce makes and creates the most outrageous statements imaginable. Desertdawg is correct about Pearce not writing SB1070, and that the author's organization (F.A.I.R.) has been all over the country, selling and writing laws that have regularly been ruled unconstitutional in various small cities and towns.

This jihad nonsense is one of Pearce's latest. But I urge everyone to read today's Arizona Republic for another doozy that AZFACTCHECK checked out , another of Pearce's gems that has NO basis in fact.

Here's what he's spewing in mass emails.
"An estimated 9,000 American citizens are killed every year by illegal aliens. That's 25 American citizens per day killed by illegal aliens, averaging 12 by stabbings and shootings and 13 by DUI and related crimes."

"The forum
Sen. Russell Pearce, R-Mesa, sent the e-mail on Aug. 28 on behalf of Pearce serves as honorary national co-chairman of the organization."

All of the Republic's research is too lengthy to copy here -- it's on page B-3 of today's 9/21/10 Republic -- but essentially the Iowa legislator who supposedly came up with it a few years ago and passed it along to Pearce "can't find his research." And FBI and Homeland Security don't even compile such statistics that Pearce rants about. It's bogus, a figment of Pearce's fear-hate-and-loathing imagination.

It's evident that Pearce delights in shock value, and as such he is better suited to trying his hand at painting (art) or off-beat poetry than as a member of the legislature where his audiences expect honesty....not shocking fiction to rattle people's cages.

Try it Pearce. You could be the Wassily Kandinsky or William Faulkner of our time, with all your sound and fury expressed in the medium where it belongs.


It is good to know that there are still great Americans like Russell
Pearce, Janice Brewer and Sheriff Arpaio!
Apparently many younger Americans don't know what a wonderful
country this was before the 1965 Immigration Reform act
and this NAFTA open border bs we have today.
I loved it when the United States was an EXCLUSIVE NATION!
The Golden Years in the United States where our children could
walk the street at night and women were safe, and Americans had jobs and illegal aliens didn't even think of entering the U.S.
By the way I'm Hispanic American.


Taw: In effect the Obama administration is waging an Americanized version of the jihad against any city, county, state or individual who would oppose their amnesty objectives.

Fork: You oppose anybody who is against illegal aliens.


Besides Russell Pearce, we can't forget our illustrious "law abiding" sheriff, as in "Thank God we have people like Sheriff Arpaio," and "It is good to know that there are still great Americans like...Sheriff Arpaio!"

Here's the latest: just uncovered, the gross misspending and misappropriation of public funds by MCSO to the tune of an estimated $50 million.


The following blog entry (not mine) from a couple weeks ago provides some seldom seen insight and understanding on this topic that I think is worth sharing.

"Immigration is a hot button here in Arizona and the rest of the country as well. People who have heard only the one-issue sheriff, governor and senator spout off about how they are doing their best to save the country, and heard nothing about all of the nonsense, dirty politics and abuse of office and disregard for the civil rights of US citizens are, of course, destined to be sucked into the same state of ignorant bliss as the local Joe-sheep who see nothing but anti-brown laws and couldn't care less if most illegals speak better English than the governor.

Unfortunately, because our Federal government has side-stepped the illegal immigration issue for too many years, it leaves a hunger for action. Let's face it, if you're hungry enough, Raman Noodles are a veritable feast! As with any cult, a pyschopath can attract a large following by saying what he thinks his herd wants to hear. Look at Charles Manson. Look at the David Koresh. Look at Jim Jones. Look at Joe Arpaio. See any pattern? In all cases, the "cleansed" end justifies the horrific cost to society as a whole."


Thank God forkedlift2 is a small minority and that we have REAL Americans fighting for us to throw these criminal aliens out of our country. forkedlift2, why don't you go to Mexico if you love them so much and leave America to us Americans? You and your sniveling socialist friends are what is dreadfully wrong with America, but we will soon be putting your kind in their place. I can't wait till November.


Getting pretty desperate, aren't you, rrjenn? "sniveling socialist friends"? "We will soon be putting your kind in their place,"? etc.

Can't imagine why so many of your posts sound exactly like Russell Pearce in tone and content, heavy with accusatory emotion and overkill with zealous buzz words, heavy with falsehoods, void of documented facts to support claims, etc.

Here's more to keep you pedaling in the style to which you're accustomed. (from today's paper.)

"Pearce's focus on immigration instead of the economy is the last thing Arizona needs to dig itself out of this recession. In Pearce's mind, you're either for him or against him, with no room for debate or compromise.
He may talk a hard line on immigration, and that has won him fans, because, they say, 'at least he is doing something about the problem.' But SB 1070 has already been costly to Arizona in lawsuits, boycotts, and hits to the state's image, and it does nothing to secure the border. .... Never mind that his charades continue to divert resources and attention from other pressing issues, such as high-wage job creation and balancing the state budget."


Here's today's update on the spending and misspending practices of the Maricopa County Sheriff's Office over the last 4 years, possibly $80 million in misspent funds, with some excerpts from the findings.

"The detailed review of spending by the county found stays in Puerto Rico and Belize charged to county credit cards, and unusual expenditures like first-class airfare upgrades, stays at luxury hotels and $2,215.48 spent at the Disneyworld Yacht Club Resort."

"We have hundreds of dollars spent at resorts, including room service . . . in what appear to be leisurely activities," said Lee Ann Bohn, a deputy budget director."

"According to some financial records, Bohn said, training trips to Honduras by 10 Sheriff's Office employees in July 2007 and October 2007 cost $91,000 in salaries, overtime, benefits and airfare."


forkedlift2, we Republicans aren't at all desperate. Fact is that you libertards are you ones looking pretty desperate. The country is seeing through your communist comrades lies. They are throwing your kind out of office soon. Even Arizona will be a little more conservative come November. How does that make you libertards feel to know we the people don't want your "Workers Paradise" view of the world? LOL


forkedlift2, BTW, which is it you like the least, God or the rule of law that our elected officials are fight for? I suspect your socialist view of either is low.


Now you're claiming a direct line to God? Not even Russell Pearce and Joe Arpaio have claimed least not yet.
You might start, however, with telling us all about how Pearce and Arpaio have advanced and complied with the "rule of law."

You might start with the 14th Amendment and the Supremacy Clause of the U.S. Constitution.


Repeal all anti-immigration laws! All people have the right to live, love, and work wherever they please!


A man whom even Houdini envies from the grave. This man of high values renowned in a circle where only the most prestigious participate, was able to accomplish a drafting of a law that would not discriminate against any ce...rtain group. A feat only Merlin the magician could perform.

sb1070 is Mr Pearce's finest work, so mystical that even our own governor Brewer was unable to describe what an illegal alien looked liked.

Senator I am amazed at this great feat of magic, would you be so kind as to share this with the rest of humanity, it might just be the answer to ending racism in our nation, and possibly the entire world.

So the honor of the silver medal for creating division and hatred goes to Sen Russel Pearce.

Sincerely yours,

the Minority

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