When it comes to losing weight local business owners Terri Bowersock and Linda Stanfield say they've tried everything - except maybe putting their journey on TV and inviting the community to join them.

Bowersock, of Terri's Consign and Design, and Stanfield, of Benjamin Franklin, The Punctual Plumber, have both agreed to be part of a local reality TV show, called "Healthy U," for the next six months. In the show, which will be shown on Cox Channel 7 every Sunday, starting Jan. 15 at 1 p.m., the two women will be competing to get healthy and try to lose weight. Along the way they're inviting the community to choose a side and join their team online. Team members will have to weigh in and will all compete against each other to become the biggest loser on their team and win a prize package being supplied by Bowersock or Stanfield.

The women will also be trying out healthy products from sponsors and posting videos about their results on their Facebook pages so that viewers can see if the products really work. Team members will have a chance to get those products at a discounted rate.

"I think we both like to share with people," Bowersock said. "When we met the first time we were so busy telling each other business tips and sharing... What I've learned in life from business has all been about doing. There's a real passion about sharing with people what I've learned. The opportunity of sharing this with people gave us permission to take care of ourselves now because we're involving others. We also have the support and the team to do it, and the pressure of being on TV."

Stanfield said the two have known each other for five or six years from a business standpoint, but that they've always been friends. They've also always been the face of their businesses, and sometimes it's embarrassing.

"I keep looking at these photos and going, ‘Who is going to be seeing this?'" Stanfield said. "We're doing what? But I walk around like that every day. It's time to be brave and get out there. If at the end I can hear a couple of other busy people see a difference then it's all worth it. I already feel so much better in just two weeks. Whatever else we continue to do will just be a bonus."

The show is different from NBC's "Biggest Loser" because the women are not leaving work and family behind to get healthy. The show's goal is to prove that getting healthy is possible, even for busy women who are running their own businesses.

So far, the two have already begun exercising with personal trainers in the morning and have been taking tests with a naturopathic doctor to determine what foods they should steer away from. They say they've already seen some results.

This is not the first season of "Healthy U." In the past, the show featured two people who worked behind the scenes for the show. This time, by transforming two women who have such public presence in the Valley, producers hope to get the community more involved. There will be public events occasionally for the two teams to compete against each other in physical challenges.

"The idea is to do something physically that is fun," Bowersock said. "We both hate doing this, but we want to make it fun. We'll all work out together and at every event we'll have sponsors with coupons or samples to try. It's reality TV with the public."

The two women say they're holding nothing back on this show. They're ready to be open and honest about their journey, and they're ready to put themselves first.

"I've been in business 26 years and I never once put myself first," Stanfield said. "I raised a family, raised a business, and put my customers first, and the economy first. When this opportunity came across I turned it down and turned it down. I don't have time. The reality really was it was good timing. I intuitively felt it's a new year and I really need to put myself first... I can't wait until I retire, I can't wait until next year or the year after. There are health issues. I ignore what I look like and feel like, but I would love to feel so much better in front of the camera. I can't imagine when I lose weight how much more successful I'll be."

To join a team or learn more about the show, visit healthyutvshow.com or visit their Facebook pages. Bowersock's page can be found at https://www.facebook.com/pages/Ask-Terri-On-Being-Lean-and-Green/170087319734248?sk=wall. Stanfield's page can be found at facebook.com/AskLinda.

The show is also accepting sponsors for $250. For more information, call Stanfield at (480) 812-1855 or Bowersock at (480) 969-1121.

• Contact writer: (480) 898-7914 or ahurtado@ahwatukee.com

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