With close to 60 percent of the votes in the Republican primary Wendy Rogers will face Kyrsten Sinema for the Congressional District 9 seat in the November General Election.

Unofficial results released Tuesday night have Rogers ahead of competitor Andrew Walter. With all precincts reporting Walter had 40.37 percent of the votes while Rogers had 59.13 percent.

Rogers celebrated with volunteers at Manuel’s Mexican Food in Tempe. She stood to address the crowd as soon as politico.com called the race.

“We’re going to win this district,” she said. “I will represent you in the United States Congress. I want to make sure I don’t forget to tell you that we ran a spirited campaign. I’m grateful to my opponent Andrew Walter. I really truly look forward to him getting on board with us, his supporters and his friends… We’re one step closer but the 69-day race starts right now.”

Rogers has an extensive military background, which her campaign has focused on. She also owns a small business and is a mother. Her grown children stood by her side Tuesday night.

“I will be a worker and a fighter,” she said. “Who will we face? Our congresswoman, Kyrsten Sinema, who has been a cheerleader for the President. Who has been a career politician. We will change that. I’m going to Washington and I will fight. I will fight for families. I will fight for policies that grow our economy, increase our incomes, reign in wasteful spending and I’m going to keep it short because you know what we’re going to do tomorrow morning? We’re going to wake up and have a big meeting.”

There was a much smaller crowd at the Walter campaign headquarters. 

"I was told early on 80 percent of the members of congress right now lost their first time out," Walter told his supporters. "Unfortunately, not everyone is an Arizona State football fan... There's no way we're going to look back on this and say we should have done anything differently."

District 9 is considered a competitive district.

Ahwatukee Foothills is also part of a competitive legislative district. In District 18 Jill Norgaard and Bob Robson came out ahead in Tuesday night’s results in the race for House of Representatives. Both will face Democrat Mitzi Epstein in the general election.

With all precincts reporting Norgaard had 31.77 percent of the votes while Robson had 30.55 percent. John King came in with 20.88 percent of the votes and David Pheanis had 16.55 percent.

Jeff Dial got the most votes for LD 18 Senate. With all precincts reporting he had 59.77 percent of the votes compared to Tom Morrissey’s 39.96 percent. Dial will face Democrat Janie Hydrick in the general election.

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