The MOMS Club of Ahwatukee North has decided to make quilts that will be donated to schools around the Kyrene School District in order to assist with generating school funding.

Alisha Rachkoskie, president of the MOMS Club and a parent of Kyrene de los Niños Elementary School, said the inspiration for donating quilts came to fruition simply by her children’s school motto: “We are College Bound.”

Rachkoskie has some extensive background when it comes to quilting, having being taught by her grandmother and mother on how to do it when she was a child.

She has also put her talents to work by making quilts for different high school students last year, where she partnered up with Mountain View Lutheran Church during the process.

“They were for students who had graduated and were going off to college, and we made T-shirt quilts... that were my introduction to T-shirt quilting,” Rachkoskie said.

When the school year began, she decided to get involve with Niños PTA; where she began throwing out the idea of creating “college T-shirt” quilts for the school.

“There’s an abundance of college T-shirts out there and available... People have them in their closets, they can be found at Goodwill, so there is a lot of resources available in a community to do something like this,” Rachkoskie said. “I saw that there is obviously a need for raising money for public schools, and saw there was this amazing resource we have at our fingertips that can be used.”

But, she couldn’t do the work alone.

Rachkoskie went to her MOMS Club with the idea, where she received full support and help for the idea, along with positive feedback from the school where they displayed their first quilt during a September PTA meeting.

The response was so positive in fact the school decided to make donation boxes that were put on campus for any person willing to donate a college T-shirt to be made into a quilt, and Rachkoskie received three full bags.

The school also sent notifications home informing parents on what was going on, and asked if they were willing to make any considerable donations.

Due to the ongoing popularity of the quilts and support of the MOMS Club, Rachkoskie and her club members made the decision to expand the community efforts to all schools in the Kyrene School District.

The two quilts made were put on display during last week’s Fall Festival at Niños, which helped raised $230 for the school’s PTA.

Currently, Kyrene de las Lomas Elementary has partnered with the MOMS Club to be one of the recipients of a quilt, and have put donation boxes in their facilities.

“It’s very exciting because we have had such an amazing turnaround. It’s really a community project and is not specific to our MOMS Club, although they are the ones who are currently supporting the project,” Rachkoskie said.

For more information on how to volunteer, make a donation, or request a quilt to be made, contact the MOMS Club at

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